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Sunshine Village Reviews

Positive Reviews


Probably the best Mountain in Alberta. besides castle of course.


Pros: fast lift system, well set up for families, better coverage than any of the resorts nearby.

Cons: Not as much vertical as advertised unless you want to take a 15 minute gondola ride to the village, and then another few minutes to get to the top.

I really like how Sunshine is set-up. (some people disagree). Even though the vertical isn't exactly true to what they advertise. From lookout mountain or standish, there is an estimated 1500 to 2200 vertical down to the hotel and everything, then there is a relatively flat runout from there all the way to the gondola parking lot. Other than that minor annoyance, is that they dont actually get 900 cm annually. it is more like 500-700 cm. The base here is almost always much better than nearby resorts. There is something for everyone. (experts bring a beacon!) Lake Louise usually gets all the hype for scenery, but Sunshine is incredible to. If your'e lucky enough to get up here on...
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Negative Reviews


Sunshine is great for scenery but lacks true long-fall line ski terrain and you end up doing lots of traversing


Pros: scenery

Cons: long lift lines, too much traversing, wind blown snow

Sunshine has great scenery but i would choose another resort to really ski! If looking for killer terrain i would go to Castle Mountain or Fernie Alpine Resort. If looking for deep snow and more chance of new snow I would go to Fernie or Red. Too much traversing and not enough fall line skiing at Sunshine

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Bring your beacon


Pros: Long Season, Snow, Freeride Areas, Intermediate Terrain

Cons: Flats, Not a lot of challenge outside freeride terrain

Sunshine isn't my favorite hill, but I have had some of my best days on skis there. While I enjoy the hill, there are some things about sunshine that drive me nuts. First, the marketers love to talk about sunshine's legendary snow. It really isn't a powder skier's paradise. While many people quote their average annual snowfall as 900 cm, if you look closely the website lists their "average" as "up to 900 cm. In reality they probably get 600-750 cm. A 900 cm year would be legendary.  So 600 cm is about 20 feet. A respectable amount for sure, but this isn't little cottonwood canyon. It is also important to note that most of the snow comes from regular small storms. There are always a few...
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Unique resort that is fun to ski


Pros: Nice views, some challenging terrain on and off goats eye mountain

Cons: not easy to navigate the 3 mountains

Nice views from the top and a variety of terrain for all levels; beginners and ski off the top of most chairs which makes it easier for mixed-level groups to ski together.  Goats eye mountain has the best and most challenging terrain for advanced and expert skiers.  One of he days we skied here it was raining at the bottom and snowing at the top.  The visibility at the top of goats eye was very poor so we ended up skiing the trees off Waawaa chair which had great powder.  

great snow


Pros: tons of natural powder, nice environment, friendly

Cons: short runs, flats, can have limited visibility

Sunshine has great snow. This season (12/13), they already have received 4.5m of snow, with a 1.6m base. Wow! No artificial snow on this mountain. My first ski day this year was Nov 12, already with nearly 1m snow :). I am an intermediate skier, I like to ski blues. In this category, Sunshine has a lot of blue runs. However many are never groomed, making them more difficult than a typical blue. That said, Sunshine doesn't usually get icy (vs Lake Louise, that is often icy). A lot of the runs are relatively short. It is hard to get into a nice rhythm on them, because a. they are already over or b. there is a flat section. However these flat sections have a bonus: they keep a lot of...
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Sunshine Village


Pros: Nice powder and backcountry

Cons: Crowded

This mountain is great, got powder every time and trails are awesome. Everyone would enjoy

Simply the best in Canada


Pros: The best snow; all natural and very dry snow

Cons: When we have to wait for the DIVE to open

 Friends; It simply does'nt get better. I skied 65 days at Sunshine Village last year and nearly cried when the Slush Cup ended it all. Come ski the DIVE and enter another world. Powder is every day and back country is always available if you know where to go. Three mountains and Canada's best snow. Check out the You-Tube videos, free tours with the Snow Hosts that are sure to please. See our video!!!, rows of double blacks sure to challenge. Check it out...

Always a fun time


Pros: Large open skiing

Cons: Crowded on weekends

Been to Sunshine 3x, loved it every time I've been. The only downside is the long lineups on weekends. It is a very fun mountain to ski!

Lovely snow-sure mountain redoubt


Pros: Snow, powder, varied terrain, alpine open, glades, great ski school, on-mountain lodge great

Cons: access to mountain restricted hours, inn rooms very small

Great mountain. Exensive terrain. Skiier mecca. Sunshine Inn on the mountain cosy, good service, not cheap though. Helpful staff. Big thing, gondola from base to sunshine inn and mountain operates roughly 830am to430pm; which can make mincemeat with outbound plans, since hotel takes a very long time with luggage transport via their valet service, they ask you to give them 3 hours! In Austria, in a similar situation, the luggage is in your room with 45mins of handing it over! mountain area over 3600 acres, and is snow-sure into May. So great spring skiing, not sure in winter it could be very cold. Lift system is ok, nothing fancy. Great place to take kids, no lift lines and kids sure to...
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Sunshine Village


Pros: Great snow, long season

Cons: -40C is the same temp as -40F

One of my fav resorts anywhere.  Above-tree line skiing that you need to go 3/4 of  a mile higher to get in Colorado, fabulous spring skiing, and for powder hounds - if you can stand the cold of -40 (C or F, makes no difference), in Jan and Feb you can snorkel ski until your nose falls off or a Chinook warms things up.

One of North America's great resorts


Pros: Wide range of terrain spread across multiple mountains

Cons: Bring your beacon if you want to ski the Delirium Dive!

With some of the best snow in Alberta, Sunshine Village is a local favorite. Some of the most challenging terrain  in North America and worldclass scenery, It is a mountain that will satisfy any skier.
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