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Sunrise Park Resort Reviews

Positive Reviews


Review from a local


Pros: Lots of beginner and intermediate terrain, big area and lots of longer runs and different types of terrain, good ticket and season pass prices

Cons: Staff not overly friendly, main lodge needs an update, slow lifts (except the one high speed quad)

This is my home resort so I admit, I'm biased.  But, I have been skiing seriously at Sunrise since 2009.  It's located in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona.  The main towns in the area are Show Low, Pinetop, McNary and Springerville to the east.  It's mostly a "locals" resort, but every weekend the weekend skiers and snowboarders come up from Phoenix and Tuscon.    The resort consists of 3 mountains, Sunrise, Apache and Cyclone.  The main area is Sunrise and that is where the high speed quad lift is located.  Apache peak can be accessed from this lift too.  The runs on Sunrise are mostly beginner and intermediate with a few nice long...
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Negative Reviews


Nowhere near the snow the advertise


Pros: 1 of only 2 ski hills in AZ

Cons: Terrible Snow, Ice in the Morning and ussually a creek in the afternoon. Snow melts far faster then it falls.They measure the Base on the summit.

I live less than 30 minutes from here. Most Arizonans like it due to the fact they have never been to a real ski resort. This place would be a lot better if it wasn't on the res. Save your money and go north.

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OK for beginners and intermediates


Pros: Most intermediate terrain in AZ

Cons: Limited advanced terrain, no off-piste, poor service, poorly managed

Sunrise is a small local resort in eastern Arizona run by the Apache tribe.  It is a decent place for learning and intermediate skiing.  There is not much of interest for Advanced or expert skiers.  There are a few short advanced pitches off the cyclone chair, but no off-piste and no tree skiing.  All trees are roped off and too tight to ski; skinny 2nd growth lodgepoles.  There are two mountains off the main base and the Cyclone base, but significant pole-pushing is required to get from one to the other.  I heard that the Cyclone base was closed this year due to financial problems.  I have never had good snow there; the fresh powder has been wet and...
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