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Sunday River Ski Resort Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best in Maine


Pros: Terrain, Value, minimal crowds

Cons: Long drive from Boston

The River is a great mountain. It's vast and has terrain for all types of skiers and riders. There are nice places to lay your head at night that wont break the bank and an ample supply of bars/restaurants to tie one on after a good day of attaching White Head, its legendary bump run. The only catch is that if your coming from Boston or points west and south of boston, your in for a long drive (almost 4 hours) as Sunday river is located off the beaten path (not easily accessible from major highway) either way, when you're there, you'll love it!

Negative Reviews


For the Mass. holes


Pros: keeps tourists away from sugarloaf

Cons: the mountain sucks in general

This is a great tourist trap for those from mass. Its good for them but if your a real skiier, Sugarloaf is the place to be. Don't all pile there at once though cause that would make us made. Sumday Bigger is for tourists, Sugarloaf is a skiiers mountain. I mean, they have lifts that bring you sideways across their so called "8 peaks" which should be names, "8 piles of rocks to look like peaks for tourists" WTH?

Not Impressed

Over-hyped...  SR did not live up to expectations.  Everyone was talking about how its so great but I didn't see anything worth writing positive about it.  The snow quality was poor.  Everything I touched was skiied off.  The trails were anything but challenging, unless you count trying to ski ice.  And I felt like the entire mourning all I did was ride lifts.  Theres the down fall of "8 peaks, infinite snow"  I dont regret going there but I won't find myself there again anytime soon.  I'll stick to real mountains not resorts next time.

More Reviews

Partizan Turks

Small to mid sized mountains side by side


Pros: Lots of nicely groomed runs, short lift lines

Cons: Feels small

I give Sunday River 3.5 out of 5. Nice terrain but feels small. Another East Coast mountain with fake vertical. No true top to bottom run. Some of their blues are like blue-blacks and also enjoyed most blacks and white heat. So they have couple nice steep terrain but not anywhere close to Sugarloaf. On positive side trails were nicely groomed, they had good snowmaking, and lift lines were short. I was gonna give 4 stars for the terrain and lifts overall but dropped another half star for the lack of options for food at the lodges. Couldn't find French fries at North Peak Lodge and surprised. Not many local beer options either. At least food/drinks were not expensive compared to other...
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Can you say horizontal?


Pros: let me think about that

Cons: layout

When I ski Sunday River (a handful of times over the past few years) I feel like I'm traversing between the 7 peaks more than I'm ever skiing the mountain.  And their traverses are neither scenic (it’s no Heavenly Mountain traverses) nor challenging.  They are just boring slopes crowded with people wondering where they are going.  Sunday River is prone to strong winds and icy conditions, which doesn’t help.  If you head up their way, I’d recommend (as most Maine resorts) a spring trip.  The weather will be better and the winds not so fierce.  It can get crowded on top of it (especially weekends before March) and being a bigger name resort they attract more...
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Spring break trip with University


Pros: huge mountain, well groomed, many chairs, awesome view, cool sauna and jacuzzi

Cons: no centralization of lifts

i came here again during my spring break trip with my university. i really loved my spring break trip here! we stayed in the condos. the condos were all in the same appartment building and we were about 4 students per room in 2 queen size beds. ski in - ski out, our condos didn't have a kitchen and a only a single bathroom. we were all independant, everyone would wake up at whatever time they wanted and skied however amount they wanted since there were no buses to catch to the hill. but you would wake up everybody in the room. what was awesome is that everything was within the appartment building including some bars and a sports center with sauna and jacuzzis. the ski...
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