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Sun Valley Resort Reviews


An American Original


Pros: Great fall line runs, excellent lift system, first-class infrastructure

Cons: snowfall can be sketchy, expensive, relatively remote,

Sun Valley doesn't need much of an introduction. The classic profile of Baldy from the River Run side is as recognizable as the profile of Lone Peak, that barn in Steamboat, or the tram docking at Snowbird or Jackson. Baldy is a beautiful natural ski mountain: it's 3400 feet of nothing but fall line on several aspects, with some south- and east-facing bowls. The layout of Sun Valley may seem a little confusing if you've never been before, but it's not really that complicated.  The incorporated resort town of Sun Valley--the original resort--is a couple miles east of the town of Ketchum; and Bald Mountain (the main "Sun Valley ski area") is just on the western edge of Ketchum. (In fact,...
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Sun Valley- Worthy of a lifetime


Pros: Weather, On Mountain grooming, Lodges, Lack of other people, biggest producer of man made snow anywhere.

Cons: Natural Snow depth, airport location

Sun Valley owner Earl Holding recently passed away (2013) but he wanted to leave a legacy in the Sun Valley resort.  The millions he invested into the on mountain lodges, manmade snow making equipment, gondola lift, Nordic center, hotels, symphony hall and concert pavilion, and Dollar Mountain (smaller mountain in town with snowboard super pipe and children’s programs) are unprecedented in today’s resort world.  Not driven by an economic return, millions have been spent from pride of name and family.  The locals won the lottery when Earl purchased the resort in the 70’s and for years have enjoyed top level amenities without crowds and the normal profit driven mentality...
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Go Fast


Pros: Not crowded

Cons: Not a powder mountain

A ski instructor that I shared a chair lift ride with (3000 vertical in 10 minutes) told me that you can ski as fast as you want and as long as you are in control the the ski patrol won't bother you. With the lack of crowds and long, perfectly groomed blues and blacks, Sun Valley is the King of high speed cruising.

Great mountain for a relaxing ski trip


Pros: plenty of varied terrain,never crowded,super service

Cons: The snow can be great but isn't consistent, pricey

The ski resort is wonderful - although we were told it was an off year for snow, we had a great time (it did snow 7-8 inches while we were there). A lot of grooming each night and plenty of varied terrain. (Only 1 complaint - one day it was so foggy at the top there was ZERO visibility - just wish they had let us know before we bought tickets as we had never skied Sun Valley before so were not familiar with how the fog affected the area.  Chairlift 2 goes directly overhead so the not so advanced (myself included) can watch and see how it should be skied. Crowds are not that much of an issue, of course over peak weekend periods it can be a bit of a wait at the bottom but once...
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Excellence at a premium


Pros: Weather, fall line runs, snow quality, high end experience

Cons: Pricey and possibly 'too' exclusive

We loved Sun Valley. Beautiful terrain, nice snow quality, high end facilities and lifts, good grooming, no lift lines. There isn't much 'bad' to say about the place. It is an expensive place to visit and some might like a more alpine/above treeline experience. I understand that some years it doesn't get a lot of snow, but it was very good when we were there. The prices probably scare away a lot of young people which to me, makes a place a bit boring, especially for nightlife and fun. The on mountain lodges are so nice you almost feel like you should be taking your ski boots off at lunch! 
Bill Miles

Sun Valley


Pros: Consistent pitch, great lifts, long steepish runs, minimal crowds, good for going fast and getting a lot of vertical.

Cons: Not a lot of snow, powder not great, expensive but not as bad as many Colorado resorts

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