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2nd but not a close second.......


Pros: Lots of trails

Cons: Few lifts, kid city, too many condos

Sun Peaks Resort.... no sun and I can't find any Peaks!   Sun Peaks is on the wrong side of the continent.  It's the second biggest resort in Canada, it probably really needs to be in Vermont. When you think of  resorts out West I think of real  mountains like Colorado or Washington, but Sun Peaks is not like that.  Sun Peaks is more like something you would find in Vermont. It's more like a Killington. Squat Hills with lots of trails but not really real mountains. Unlike Killington it only has 4-5 lifts thus the mountain is vastly underserved. Long lines and very long lifts.....   Sun Peaks...
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Friendly and varied


Pros: Big and varied terrain, compact nice village, no crownds, reliable snow

Cons: far away from international airports

I had the opportunity to spend a whole season in Sun Peaks, skiing and joining all the winter activities possible there. This is a very special place, an authentic mountain community with a compact nice little village and 3 different mountains to ski.   The terrain is not super exposed or full of cliffs, but it certainly is varied. Expect long and wide groomed runs, steep bumps, nice gladed areas and 2 powder bowls up on Tod Mt. It's the second largest ski area in BC with 3678 acres and 2894 feet vertical. Although Sun Peaks has a reputation of being an intermediates paradise, it definitely has some great advanced terrain that can be reached from Sunburst, Crystal, Burfield,...
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Great Family Resort


Pros: Lots of terrain, wide open, good grooming, GREAT skicky buns on the hill!

Cons: Long run outs. The slowest chairlift in the universe.

I've visited Sun Peaks several times and have had a nice time every time.  The snow, while never being epic, has always been good.  There is lots of open space and a fair amount of steeps, though you need to look around a bit to find them at first.  If you like large bumps there are plenty, but they also have lots of groomed as well.   The Burfield chair is the slowest chair imaginable.  It's not just fixed grip slow, it's sloth slow.  The top half exposes you on a ridge and the wind can howl as you crawl along.   The chairs seem to be about 100 yards apart as well, so even though it's a quad it can get big lines.  The reason you want to use it is that it accesses some of the most fun...
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Nice family hill, growing into a resort


Pros: not crowded, decent runs, friendly people

Cons: flat sections, especially Morrisey which is dominated by flats

I went to Sun Peaks occasionally between 1999-2001 as a temporary resident. I returned in March 2015 as a visitor. (Please bear in mind that 2014-15 was probably the worst snow year in ages.) A lot has changed since 2001. The "old" side of the mountain is still there, Tod Mountain, Sundance, etc. But the new side of Morrisey didn't exist back then. The village used to consist of a small handful of buildings but is now a small but friendly copy of Whistler.    The skiing is very good on Tod. The best snow is usually at Crystal Bowl and surrounding areas. The runs off that top chair are short so it's like lap skiing. Further down on the Sunburst chair the snow is more variable....
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I love this place


Pros: Lots of Terrain, Great Snow, Great Village, Long Runs

Cons: Power Outages

Sun Peaks is my 2nd favourite spot in BC, after Whitewater. Maybe i'm just lucky, but every time i've been there it's been puking snow. The terrain is fantastic and it's easy to find hidden stashes. The village is really cool, there's a lot to see and do. Great food, great terrain, great snow. The way to my own heart.   Oddly, every time i've been there the power has gone out for a short periods. Not a big deal, except when I was stuck on the lift for a while. A price i'll gladly pay again.

Great Community


Pros: community, good for kids, BC

I've been here a few times and love it.  I prefer steeps, so the in bounds areas are not my favorite, but a fabulous place to learn to ski or take kids.  The BC is so fun here... and the community is impossible to beat.  The hospitality of the locals I met is yet unmatched by any resort I have been to... including my home mountain.  A must visit resort :)

Great for Families


Pros: Family Freindly - Everyone has Fun on the Runs

Cons: No nightlife - not many restaraunts - quaint but boreing village

Sun Peaks is definitely geared for families - especially families with young children.  They've designed the lifts and runs so an entire family can ride the lift together, and than ski down on runs that match their ability - a very unique concept. Every lift (as far as I'm aware) has Green, Blue and Black runs acccessible from the top of the lift. Not only that, but each run is very clearly marked with signs, both at the top AND bottom or the run. So, if dad wants to take the black run, mom the blue and young kids the green, you can all ride the same lift together, each take the run you want down, and tell the kids what run you'll be on and they can wait for you at the sign where the...
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sun peaks


Pros: blue sky dry snow ...make everyone happy

Cons: not open all year

Live north of Seattle and took trips to Colorado resorts and we  gave up looking Mt Baker, Whistler, Montana and finally bought an old farm at the base. We go at Christmas and come home when they won't let us ride the lift anymore mid April. Three mountains and almost always rated 1st or 2nd for grooming; nice park and 50km of cross country trails, Nancy Greene will meet anyone everyday at 3 to ski with her, the Austrian Olympic team has a permanent contract for training at SP.  Blue sky and big dumps of dry snow :-)