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Suicide Six Reviews


Ski the Six


Pros: Nice, family-friendly local ski hill

Cons: Pretty tiny

Suicide Six is a nice little ski hill with just enough variety and size to make for a very fun day of skiing. It's especially nice to take the kids there and enjoy a laid-back, family friendly local atmosphere that's a nice contrast to what you might find a little further west on Route 4. We used to ski here all the time in college; it was fun then, and it's fun now.   I like both the runs under the main lifts; Show Off and The Face are challenging enough to keep you interested, and Double Dip is a nice, fun run that takes you right under the eastern lift and accesses the terrain park. Back Scratcher had some nice moguls on it the last time I was there; basically anyone who can...
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The resort is called Suicide Six


Pros: Quality ski time, no lines, great seasonal program for kids

Cons: Small hill

Good for a half-day of relaxed skiing.  Go on a weekday and you will have the hill for yourself.  Friday afternoon the place is crawling with school kids for their seasonal program