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Trail Map
Trail Map
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Sugarloaf Regional Airport

Portland Maine Airport

Insider tip: The Boston Ski and Sports Club has trips out of Boston, which include transportation to Sugarloaf, lodging and lift tickets.

Transportation in the valley is limited. Staying at the resort is the most convenient option.
Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range

Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel


This recently upgraded hotel has hotel rooms, penthouses and suites. depends on room size $166 to $477

Sugarloaf Inn


This classic ski lodge serves a full, hearty breakfast. depends on room size $166 to $477
Sugarloaf Condominiums Convenient to the village activities and close to the ski school, these units have full-service kitchens depends on room size $188 to $566

Brackett Basin, Sugarloaf's glade and side-country section, will open in 2011.
Sugarloaf offers Nordic skiing, ziplining, an outdoor skatebowl and a Maine huts and trails program.

Ski and Ride School

The Good: Less crowded than the Vermont resorts
The Better: Tote Road, the world's best groomer
The Best: Lift-serviced above tree-line skiing!



The Loaf' is an award-winning on-mountain village beneath Maine's second highest peak, regarded by many as one of the top New England ski resorts. Sugarloaf places great emphasis on service quality, and it shows throughout the resort operation. Sugarloaf's vertical is one of the biggest in New England and management is eager to point out that it exceeds that of some famous resorts in the West (including Crested Butte, Taos and Copper). Sugarloaf also competes well with those resorts in terms of terrain - big bump runs, a dozen glades and 129 trails over its 1,410 acres. The rebith of Sugarloaf began in 1993/94 with a major expansion of the snowmaking system, now among the world's most powerful. Snowmaking now covers the infamous Front Face snowfields -- the only lift served above-treeline skiing in the East. The American Skiing Company acquired the resort in 1997 and along with it came the addition of two new quad chairs, new trails and 100 tower snowguns. ASC has also added a Grand Summit Resort Hotel, further broadening the amenities at one of New England's premier winter resorts.

Snow making percent
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Magic carpet
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow2
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Poma
Lifts-Surface Lifts-T bar
Lifts-Surface Lifts-J bar
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Single
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double8
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple1
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-High speed quad2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Five person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Eight person
Lifts-Coggle train
Lifts-Total number of lifts15
Lifts-Total lift capacity21,810/hr.
Trails-4-Expert only16%
Trails-5-Terrain park3
Trails-6-Half pipe1
Runs-Steepest run
Runs-Longest run3.5 miles
General-Base elevation1417'
General-Vertical drop2820'
General-Mountain rangeWestern Mts.
General-Annual skier visits
General-Back country access
General-Total area in bounds1670 acres
General-Snow making coverage490 acres
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: Fantastic mud

Cons: lift was too slow to enjoy the mud

I went to sugarloaf this past weekend and I loved it! The ice was delightfull and only punctuated by a few rocks. Occasionally, we would hit a few patches of snow but we didnt let it bother us too much. We were delighted by the cheerful antique lifts which we had a long time to admire since they were so slow.


There was also a fantastic mudpit called the "parking area" from which we had to carry our gear about 1/4 mile, allowing us to be properly warmed up for our ice skating and lift watching.


If it wasnt for the rather posh accomodations, it would have been a completely uniform experience.


I warmly recommend this delightful ski area for masochists and those who feel they dont have enough frustration in their lives.


Pros: Very varied terrain and has one of the best parks in NE with the new Haywire park

Cons: Expensive and can sometimes have long lines if you don't know where to go on the mountain

Alright. Here's the whole truth about Sugarloaf. You start out with the cons. The mountain is expensive, and when I say that, I mean EXPENSIVE! The tickets are 100$ and the food is very expensive (although very good). The second con is the long lift lines. Obviously once you're done with the lines you get to ski an awesome mountain but still, they're pretty long. As long as you know where to ski and when then you will be all good. Now down to the pros. First off, there is the variety. They have every type of skiing that you could want; beautiful groomers, gorgeous backcountry, and terrific race terrain. The backcountry is the best in Maine, which is a given when literally half of the skiable acres are forest. Don't let that make you think that the groomed mountain is small, it is massive. The race team is one of the best in the country and has raised the racer, Bode Miller. The newest and maybe most exciting part is the new Haywire park. The jumps are massive and some of the best, and the features are great. 

All in all, this is one fo the best mountains in NE and the potentially the country.


Pros: Steep, big, variety

Cons: Far far away

If you call yourself advanced/expert, like steeps, like long runs, this is where you want to ski in the East. Sugarloaf is one big mountain. If you ever skied at Southern VT resorts like Mt Snow or Stratton, take those and add little more vertical and add steepness by a factor of two, you'll be at Sugarloaf. Sugarloaf is steep, if you are on Spillman crosscut and stand on top of those double blacks, it makes you think what you're doing there. That kinda steep. However, they have lots of easier routes available to bring you down around those head walls. There are nice top to bottom runs that reflects the verticality of the mountain. Loved skiing on their blue cruisers. Mountain base could be crowded but as you go higher terrain the mid mountain lifts lines move very fast. Now the negative side, it's far. Lots of driving on country roads to get there. Not an easy day trip if you drive from Boston. Also, this mountain is not for beginners. You'll waste your money if you're just learning. They do offer lower mountain tickets though at a cheap rate. It's all about skiing at Sugarloaf. Not much apres options. Come here to ski hard!


Pros: Steeps, long runs, friendly staff

Cons: Can be windy, lack of bump runs, long drive from Boston.

sugar loaf 04-08.jpg

Been skiing the loaf for years. When you hit it on a good day, it is as close to a western resort as you would hope to find in the east. Great long steeps, excellent skischool. Excellent grooming.Most of the blues here would be Black diamonds at other resorts.

The slopeslide lodging includes a daily 2 hr. clinic and they can be lot's of fun and also help improve your skiing. On a bad day, well it can be bad. It is a cone shaped exposed mountain, so it can be very windy, icy and cold.Lifts are often on wind hold in January, but that same cold can bring loads of snow during storms so it is a double edged sword. Sugarloaf and Jay peak IMO, are the 2 best skiing resorts in the east. Loads of variety, usually good snow conditions and most of the time, not too crowded.


Pros: Not crowded

Cons: wind holds are very common

The Sugarloaf Inn is the worst place to ever stay.  Rooms are very old, worn out, dated and beyond belief noisy.  I can't emphasize how noisy they are.  No sleep will happen.  And they are expensive.  They should never rent any of these rooms out ever!


Mountain has wind holds on their lifts 50% of the time during the year.  This is a fact I got from one of the lift operators.


Pros: terrain, view

Cons: longish drive from Boston

I have wanted to ski Sugarloaf for years. Years ago  when I patrolled I was going to go spring skiing there, but we were rained out. I went up on a Sunday night, late Feb.. Monday the wind was howling. By noon they shut the whole mountain. Tuesday I skied about a half day. They didn't open all the lifts until about 10:30 AM, somebody told me.


Wednesday I skied the whole day. It snowed, it was sunny, cloudy, foggy, and a squall blew in that cut visibility to about 20 feet. I had a great time. Wish the snowfields (copyrighted word!) were open, still, I had a lot of fun.



People were friendly and the views from the top are pretty amazing. I stayed at the White Wolf in Stratton, Maine, and wrote a tripadvisor review about that...



Pros: sustained steeps

Cons: middle of nowhere

Spring pilgrimage Mecca.  People like to go there for Reggae Fest.  I could personally care less, but I’ve been there during Reggae Fest and the “crowds” have never disrupted the skiing.  It’s not a resort that gets crowded.  One thing you’ll notice at Sugarloaf is the atmosphere.  It’s relaxed and a bit earthy-crunchy.   They are far from everywhere and proud of it.  No Starbucks, McDonalds, or Dunkin Donuts for miles.   Lodging options are limited.  It will be cheaper if you stay in Farmington and your food options will be a little better.  However, you’ll pay the price and have to drive 45 minutes to the mountain.  It’s a pretty flat drive so unless it’s snowing excessively the access is often easy.  They have some great on-piste steeps.  Sugarloaf will get your legs burning with their sustained steeps (White Nitro) and the Snowfileds (when open) are worth the little hike.  It’s their little Hobbacks.  They have some great beginner terrain as well.  I’d think twice about the drive in the middle of January.  It’s the only resort in New England with skiing above the treeline and it can get pretty windy in the deep cold of winter.  If you like skiing for its raw nature component, you'll love Sugarloaf.  It compares with Jay Peak, Sugarloaf has the edge on steeps and Jay peak has the edge with its glades.  But they are sister resorts at heart.  If you like skiing for its posh after-parties and scene, I'd look elsewhere and spare yourself the tank, or two, of gas.


Pros: Good snow, nice glades, many trails, vertical

Cons: WINDY, some slow lifts

Was there over Christmas Break, and the snow was fantastic. We got 2 feet one day, which made the skiing very nice.  Yes, the lift broke down, but the mountain is still amazing.  Some very nice glades, but they needed a little more snow.  Most of the lifts are slow besides the two high speed quads, but you still get a lot of skiing with the long runs.  The mountain is very windy, and the King Pine and Timberline were only open 1 of the 3 days I was skiing. There are well over 100 trails, so you can ski there for a while without getting bored. Overall, one of my favorite mountains in the East.P1010072.JPG


Pros: tall mountain, many trails, many lifts, glades, gorgeous pictures

Cons: icy at top

i really loved my spring break trip here! we stayed in the condos. we were about 50 students in 5 condos ranging from 8-12 people per condo. ski in - ski out, our condos were fully equipped and super cute, with fireplace and a nice kitchen. we had a free bus ride to the supermarket and we all bought food and cooked together. we were all independant, everyone would wake up at whatever time they wanted and skied however amount they wanted since there were no buses to catch to the hill. there were some bars and a sports center with sauna and jacuzzis a short bus ride from the condos. the ski conditions were magnificent, tons of snow, all lifts were operating, sunny, warm, we were so lucky! great price for group student discounts. only thing is that the top of the mountain was always icy. but it didn't matter really, it was easily avoided. trails for all levels and rentals were affordable.


Pros: not crowded, challenging terrain

Cons: isolated

great terrain and the awsome snow fields