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Sugar Mountain Ski Area Reviews

Positive Reviews


I like it


Pros: good for beginners

Cons: needs more ski patrol

I went 3 times to sugar and always had a good time. The staff is always friendly to me and my family. Yes it is outdated but I'm there to ski not to sit and hang out. They updated the lift that goes all the way to the top and I heard its pretty fast. They also rearranged the area where the little grey lift drops you off. There are a lot of snowboarders just hanging out in the middle of the slopes which is a little aggravating, thus I think they need to patrol more to tell them to move to the side. I had a ski lesson there and he knew his stuff and knew exactly how to make me get over my fear. All in all, if you are from the south like me one can't be too picky if you dont have a huge...
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Sugar Mountain


Pros: Well Groomed

Cons: no comment

I spent Thursday Evening and all day Friday skiing Sugar Mountain, NC. The spring skiing conditions have hit hard, but what do you expect it's spring!  You can't go skiing in the EAST any place this time of the year without the corn, or slush.  The Mountain is great overall, and so were the people I met while there. Everyone was friendly, and helpful. The temp was 33-36 most of the time, so no new snow. However the groomer's made the most of what they had to work with.  25"to 75" inches of base. The Mountain is very good skiing overall. I grew up skiing Western New York and Pennsylvania. Sugar Mountain is better, hands down no argument! Sugar's vertical drop is more than 1200 ft. and the...
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Negative Reviews


Greatest vert in the area, old clunky chairs, poor staff attitude, dated facilities, narrow trails


Pros: Best vertical, an almost-double black, snow making

Cons: dated facilities that need updating and paint, old clunky chairs, poor staff attitude, narrow trails

These are my opinions based on one day only at Sugar mountain. Of course some things can be very variable (like staff attitude and the snow/terrain) and some not so much (chair lifts, the facility, etc.). I hope my general observations are potentially helpful to someone else looking for first-timer information.    My ski day was Jan 8, 2014. Jan 6 saw five inches of fresh snow, Jan 7 the temps were frigid but this didn't seem to negatively impact the snow too much. The weather was good for snowmaking following the natural snow. So pretty favorable conditions for these parts. And because both my kids were in ski school on this day, I got to experience the...
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Terrible customer service


Pros: None

Cons: Poor management, inaccurate information from office, poor customer service

I have rarely experience such a lack of customer service. I live in a nearby county and called the resort about rates. Many resorts allow a special rate for kids that are out of school due to a snow day. I called Sugar Mountain shortly after they opened and asked if it applied for my daughter who was out of school and specifically for my county. The answer was not just yes, but emphatic yes that the day lift ticket would be $7 for my daughter. So I drove 50 miles to the resort, waited in line and when I reached the ticket booth, I was informed that my 12 year old daughter did not qualify and would be charged the full rate of $39. My next stop was the administration office to ask if they...
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