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Skier's Guide to Stratton

  I should preface this by mentioning that I'm an employee of the hill acting independently.  The comments below are my personal opinions an should not be construed as an official communication from Stratton. Conversely, the resort has not asked me to post this review, nor are they even aware of it.  These are my observations, and mine alone.  (Actually I'm just posting a review in hopes of scoring a free lift ticket...)   As a resort employee, I rarely experience the customer side of Stratton, so I am totally unqualified to comment on it.  However, I spend a lot of time skiing the mountain, and hence am highly qualified to comment on how it skis. ...
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Nice family mountain


Pros: a little Vail

Cons: Not terrible steep

Great mountain go to to jump on our bus and ski/board Stratton. All mountians have their pros and cons but they are all FUN!!!!!! We have added a new Boston Route CHECK US OUT!

Near Okemo - tony base village and fun skiing


Pros: great grooming, nice gondola

Cons: gondola has no benches...

went there late Feb 2009, right after a 12" storm. It was the best snow I've been on in a really long time. Great grooming, lots of fast cruisers. Love the gondola. the World Cup trail is steep and bumpy and tons of fun. Moondance glades are marked double diamond, but really not that hard to ski, more like advanced intermediate, if that. There are boot fitters in the base village. Visit them. Find out what a good fitting boot really feels like. Nice Superpipe on the left side of the mountain. The Stratton Mountain Academy kids are really fun to watch. They are good racers. I'm hoping to go back after a good storm and ski my ass of again.

Negative Reviews


Great for NY Doctor's with $ who want to say they ski stuff marked double-black


Pros: A fair amount of decent blue terrain.

Cons: Limited advanced terrain, weekend crowds

Stratton is for rich people from NY to come to ski weekends.  The trails tend to be marked much darker than they would be in other VT ski areas.  The blues at Stowe are harder than the blacks at Stratton.  The only reason anything is marked double-black at Stratton is because they let a couple runs bump up.  The double-blacks at Stratton when groomed ski easier than the blues at Stowe. Stratton is often nicknamed Flatton.

Wannabe Vail


Pros: S. VT location eases tri-state access

Cons: All the cost of Squaw and none of the terrain.

The good: For those coming from the south, Stratton's location in southern VT cuts hours off the commute to Killington or Stowe.  While Stratton does a good job snowmaking & grooming, it must be said that even for VT, this is an intermediate's mountain. The good news is the dining in the area is better than the skiing. The bad & ugly: Stratton has a delusions of adequacy.  Intrawest's ticket prices for this mountain are scandalous.  All the cost of Squaw Valley, and all the acreage & challenge of Squaw's bunny hill.   All the "red carpet" programs and luxury condos in the world will not make this place Vail or Aspen, and neither will the $84 lift tickets. For a real family...
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Stratton = Flatton


Pros: Umm, well...., ahhh, pros?

Cons: Flat, gapers

The place is referred to as Flatton for a reason. Every trail looks and feels the same (flat). The "double diamonds" are pathetic, and the clientle loves to pose at the top of the gondola entrance with Bogner, Full faces, Volkls (everyone KNOWS they're the best), Spyder, etc to impress all the other gapers. If someone thinks the terrain is the best in south New England, then apparently the North Face at Mt. Snow, ANYPLACE at Magic, most of K-Mart etc will come as a relevation. About the only place as lame is Nokemo, where they could change all of the trail names and no one would notice. Great for NYC JAPS who can stroll around the erstaz "village" in their best nasty fur while they let...
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More Reviews


Stratton Review - we're happy


Pros: Grooming, More bumps this year, close, well managed, US Open

Cons: So Vt. so the weather can be varriable

We have been pretty happy with Stratton.  First, it is close enough that it is a realistic weekend trip, and it is far enough that it is not crowded except on the 3 day weekends and it gets pretty good NE snow.  We have bought season tickets and got the early Am access which is really worth it.   Conditions on the blacks and double blacks are typically good - fairly easy early in the day and harder at the end when any ice or piles build up.    Most families tend to stay on the greens, early blues so the skiing is not to loaded on the better runs.   Sunbowl and snowbowl have the best runs.  Family - I am comfortable having my kids ski alone and meet for lunch when they want some freedom. ...
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Great moutain for all levles


Pros: good size, nice peaple,lots of great terrain,good groomers

Cons: gets very crouded

My dad and I went to Stratton looking for good groomers and that is what we found at Stratton. Stratton is a family friendly mountain The only downside was the amount of people that were there. But I am sure that it would not be like that on a weekday. All in all Stratton is an awesome mountain.    

Great for intermediates


Pros: most lifts are high speed, varied terrain/trails, good support, good facilities

Cons: Weekend crowds

I can't speak for the black or advanced skiing, my wife and I are solid intermediate skiers so take this into consideration, my review is based on that experience.   We like the fact that we can ski the whole mountain from the Sun Bowl to the upper mountain to the Snow Bowl runs and always have something different to experience.  It's easy to get around and the lifts are arranged to facilitate this manner.  We tend to stay on the Sun Bowl/Snow Bowl sides during the weekends because the bigger crowds tend towards the main part of the mountain.  The Sun Bowl has some good intermediate areas and is wider than most, we find it a good challenge for our abilities...less...
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Partizan Turks

Quality Skiing


Pros: Grooming, True Vertical, Beautiful Village

Cons: Crowds, Expensive, Not much challenging terrain

I skied a lot in Stratton when I lived in Troy, NY. It is a nice sized single mountain that offers fast runs. Lots of top to bottom runs, most of them are either blue or black but most blacks in Stratton could be a blue for instance in Sugarloaf, ME. Steeps are probably the major missing part in Statton but their blacks are usually wide and long so you can go pretty fast on this mountain, whereas steeper terrain on most eastern mountains are usually very narrow and short. I like the village a lot, lots of restaurant, shops, etc. If you are looking for apres ski Stratton is a nice choice. They have great snow making and grooming fleet, mogul/bumpy trails are marked nicely so that you won't...
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Stratton - Typifying advantages and disadvantages of S. VT


Pros: Good snow making and grooming, good variety of terrain up to advanced, lots of extraneous stuff

Cons: Lack of very difficult terrain, crowds, relatively expensive

Stratton represents the good and the bad of the present day southern Vermont resort experience.  It makes snow very well and does an equally good job of grooming it.  If you like things bumped up, the latter fact may sometimes annoy you, but if you like long groomers, you'll be very happy.  If you're looking for expert terrain, this probably isn't the resort for you, but I did enjoy the fast, twisty Upper Spruce and a few of the runs off of the Ursa Express lift.  There are a number of trails which might be fun at speed, but if you go on a weekend crowds may make this unsafe.  If you are looking for a well-packaged resort experience for a group with varying...
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Stratton does a lot with a little


Pros: Reliably good snow

Cons: Lift layout; snooty skiers

Just 2003 feet of vertical and 600 acres of skiing go a long way when you apply Intrawest attention attention to it. Expert snowmaking and grooming keep the mountain relatively free of Vermont Powder (ice). And when other mountains are skiing hardpack, Stratton offers up a far more turnable surface. It's the most reliable snow in Vermont.   While Stratton is known as a cruiser's paradise, and there are no real steeps, there is challenge if you're willing to look for it. Bear Down is a thigh-screaming bumper. Stevek's and World Cup combine for some gnarly turns. And Stratton has done a good job opening up trees at all levels—from the wide-open Emerald Forest (beloved of...
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It's not perfect, but it's home


Pros: Great lifts, snowmaking, and grooming; good for families; excellent amenities nearby

Cons: Crowded

I have been going to Stratton consistently for the past 10 years, and here are my impressions:   Lodging: There is no shortage of places to stay at Stratton, as the past decade has seen a lot of development on the mountain. Stratton's main advantage is that it's the biggest mountain in Southern VT, which means there is a heavy NY/NJ contingent. Intrawest certainly realized that and built the heck out of the place. I would recommend renting at Mountain Watch or Mountain Reach (if you have the dough). That way you are ski-on ski-off and within walking distance of the village.   Grooming/Snowmaking/Lifts: Intrawest certainly doesn't skimp on any of these. The lifts...
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Vermont Powder Day


Pros: Absolutely Empty Mountain:)

Cons: they did'nt run the gondola:(

Took two of my boys with me to Stratton on a day that started with 6" of fresh NE pow; saw another 4" on the slopes before it turned to sleet/freezing rain later in the afternoon. Got discounted tickets for all through my union. After a two hour drive from our home in Latham, NY (all in 4x4), we pulled up, parked under cover in the garage about 20 yards from the lodge - on empty days like this, they don't bother with attendants - and were grabbing our first chair 10 minutes later. The snow was incredible. It just kept piling up; the bumps were soft as butter! We stuck to the upper mountain most of the day. The boys ventured into the glades a few times, and cover was a bit thin...
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Pros: terrain for every one

Cons: long lift lines crowded

A great resort very family friendly has great grooming.