Stowe Reviews


The best ski resort on East Cost


Pros: lifts, staff, trails, view, food

Cons: pricy, windy

I would say that Stowe ski resort is the best place to ski on east cost!!!!   it is pricy, yet its forth every penny (don't have money check ebay or Craigslist  )   There is so many trails that you will need to spend at least 2 days to ski them all and most of them you would wanna ski more than once!   It's windy almost everyday, yet a good gear and gondola lift can will save you from any wind up there/   The view on the top is just breathtaking... honestly Vermont is beautiful; yet Stowe is magnificent in every possible way

One of the East's Best


Pros: Advanced Terrain, Great Town

Cons: Can be Pricey & Icy (it is New England after all...)

Full Disclosure:  I taught skiing for a winter at Stowe in 1996/97.  Before and since, I have been a regular, full-paying customer. Stowe is my favorite all-around destination in the east due to it's excellent advanced-expert terrain, reasonable distance from Boston, and its genuine town, replete with a variety of lodging and dining  options from moderately priced on up.Stowe features some of the more challenging - and interesting- slopes in the east. My personal faves include Goat for its gnarly, rocky,  tree-riddled terrain that is both a physical and intellectual  challenge to ski well, Starr for it's pitch and bumps, and a number of classic cruisers such as Perry Merrill and Standard....
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Best in the East


Pros: Great terrain, some of the best natural snow in the East

Cons: Pricey

I have called Stowe my home mountain for 5 years. When I moved to northern Vermont, I had my pick of mountains to work at since I had extensive experience as an instructor. I chose Stowe because I thought it was the best mountain around. 5 years of skiing 50+ days per year there, and I can say I was definitely right. The terrain is awesome, the snow is as deep as you can find east of the Mississippi. The only drawback for the average guest is price. But if that's a big problem, come work here!

Simply the Best


Pros: Tons of Variety, Challenging Terrain, Great Night Life, Easy Commute

Cons: Expensive

I grew up skiing at Killington, so classifying Stowe as the best in the East should give you and idea of how great this mountain really is. Although further north than the Beast of the East, the commute from Boston is about the same as Stowe is almost all highway driving and Killington is a decent drive off of 89/91.  The terrain is challenging and the addition of some new gladed areas makes Stowe the complete package. I'm not much of a terrain park person so I can't testify to the quantity or quality of that aspect of the mountain, but as far as steep vertical, bumps, and glades, Stowe has it all. Try skiing to skier's left of Goat and you'll find yourself in some of the tightest,...
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First time at Stowe, lots of fun!


Pros: Nice lodge, long runs, plenty of room to ski

Cons: Really cold on windy days

I went to Stowe for the first time recently and was quite impressed with the facilities.  It has beautiful mountain views and long trails for all levels of skiers. We went as a group and stayed at resort near by that had a shuttle service to Stowe (very convenient.)  The slopes were long and fun, but it was a very cold day and we really had to bundle up.  The lodge was very nice, and we stopped there often to sit in front of the fireplace.  Food choices were excellent and there was plenty seating.  It seemed kid friendly and there were plenty of ski patrollers in case you got hurt. The skiing was fantastic however.  Lots of snow and long runs to have fun...
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pricey but worth it


Pros: famous steep trails, nice gondola

Cons: food on the mtn is okay but pricey.

I finally skied Stowe in Feb, 2009 after wanting to go there for many years. Conditions were not great, but I enjoyed myself. Lodging anyplace near the mtn is fairly expensive. I skied Nosedive and liked it - then it got windy & icy and 2 days later a guy broke his leg on the trail so they closed it. I never skied Starr & National, would like to do that with better snow conditions. They do a good job grooming, but the weather was against them when I was there. The men's room at the top of the gondola has heat, running water and green marble counter tops! I felt more like I was in a hotel than on top of a New England ski area. That amazed me.