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Stevens Pass Reviews


Year Round Fun :)


Pros: Diverse terrain, awesome BC

Gotta love Stevens.  Always a solid mtn to play at :)  ...and now with the bike aprk in the summer, it's awesome year round!!

Good day/night area


Pros: consistent snow, good terrain (especially the backside), easy to get from one part of the mountain to another

Cons: sometimes wet snow, weekend crowds, takes about 2 hrs to get there

Stevens Pass is my home area.  It is not a ski resort, in the sense that there is no lodging on the mountain.  It is right on US Hwy 2 and takes about an hour and 45 minutes - 2 hours from Seattle.  It's located on the crest of the Cascades, so it gets a lot moisture from Pacific storms (or just everyday precipitation, the kind that we Pacific NW'ers have to put up with all the time).  OTOH the winds can shift and bring cold air from Eastern Washington, along with some dry snow.  We sometimes get temperature inversions as a result, where the base at 4061' is several degress colder than the summit at 5800'.  The annual snowfall is 450" and since it's more...
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Great mountain


Pros: Good terrain, good snow

Cons: Crowded on weekends

Lots of nice tree skiing, steeps and bowls for the experts. Decent groomers, good beginner terrain. Good park. No on slope lodging, nearest is Leavenworth.

My Home


Pros: Varied terrain, backcountry access

Cons: Crowds and crowd control, Harbor Resorts

I've skied Stevens every season since I started walking, and it's only gotten better for me every year. This season they upgraded to RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification), and this caused some headaches. Also, Harbor Resorts management makes bad decisions occasionally, such as letting employees go during slow times. This season, these decisions led to no crowd control at the high-speed quads, making the normal crowds even more hindersome. Besides this, Stevens has always provided me with a ton of varied terrain, from bunny hills to double blacks. It's quite easy to ski an entire day without too much interference from beginners. Backcountry access is also quite good, although not as good as...
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