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I don't understand all the love 4 Steamboat


Pros: seems to get the earliest and best snow in Colorado

Cons: not enough mountain

First off, let me state for the record that I lived in or near Aspen for 20 year.  I just don't understand all the love for Steamboat in here. We stopped going there after three or four trips.  The mountain is fine if you are looking for lots of blue groomers and the occasional bump run in the trees, but it gets old real quick.  I couldn't imagine staying there for a five day ski trip.  The town and nice and still funky.  But, again, after maybe two nights out, you are not going to find much new in the way of night life. Here's my tip, if you just have to ski Steamboat.  Fly in to Grand Junction, rent a car and stay in Glenwood Springs.  Find a good cheap room in Glenwood for the week,...
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Steamboat is One-of-a-Kind!


Pros: Best tree skiing, period. Snow is more plentiful than statistics indicate and wow is it light.

Cons: Not much very steep open or chute-like runs (the usual rap)

This is less a review than a response to the "not gnarly enough" rap that usually gets thrown at the 'boat. Any expert skier that can't find challenge here ain't looking.  In particular there is more tree skiing here than the total acreage of most other ski areas (and most of it is right at that perfect line between "tight" and "too tight" unlike the tree skiing at most other areas).  Sure the skiing isn't as steep as the open bowls/chutes at JH, LCC, etc., but the trees add their own unique challenge that not only makes up for the lesser grade but creates a singular ski experience.  I challenge any expert skier to spend a day linking turns at speed through the unmarked Sideburn, Twister...
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Great lifts, Great town


Pros: Real ski town, trees, snow

Cons: No real steeps

  Steamboat is a large area with 3668’ of vertical from the base at 6900’ to the summit of Mt. Werner at 10568’. There are 25 lifts, 4 of which are detachables and 1 Gondola. The terrain is all below treeline with no cornices or chutes. This is a big round mountain with no open bowls or chutes. There are lots of tree runs, moguls, and long groomers, but not enough variety in terrain to keep the expert skier entertained for more than a few days, unless there was lots of fresh powder. This is a destination area, that attracts vacationers from all over the U.S., but is not really for the diehard ski bum. The Storm Peak Express and Sundown Express both are equipped with storm bubbles which...
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Great Family Resort


Pros: Snow quality; Friendly vibe; Variety for all levels; No lift lines; TREES!

Cons: No high alpine terrain; Multiple lifts needed to get around

As a family-friendly resort, we found Steamboat to be top notch.  With kids in tow, we weren't looking for GNAR points, but there was plenty of terrain variety to suit just about any level.  The mountain itself is expansive, not too high in elevation to create altitude sickness issues, and there's TONS of off-trail experiences for any ability; the entire mountain is a playground.   The snow was excellent, light and fluffy. There was no wind the entire week we were there, and it was easy to follow the sun around the mountain, or duck into the trees just about anywhere.  And speaking of trees.......oh, the TREES were utterly sublime. There's tree skiing for any...
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Great for Intermediates and above


Pros: Great Intermediate tree skiing; solid intermediate and above runs

Cons: There are better places for never evers and novices

Skied Steamboat in both 2012 and 2013 during spring break (late March and early April).  Though we had a great time in 2012 as novices, this is not the best place for first time skiers (check out Deer Valley).  If you have some confidence and experience, Steamboat can be great.  In 2013, our instructor took us through trees and Steamboat probably has the best intermediate tree runs.  Meaning, this is a great place for intermediates (Buddy's Run, Heavenly Daze) and above.  And, where an intermediate can duck into the trees.  Don't look at the trail map. because if your are confident you can get down Huevos and Morning Side Lift Line (both marked as Black). ...
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Bill Schmidt

When you find Steamboat you will know the real Colorado


Pros: Epic snow, great variety of trails, family friendly community, not disneyland (a good thing!), easy to get to by air

Cons: Need an ice rink at the base area

It took three trips to Colorado before we found Steamboat and since then we have never looked back.  This year was our 10th.  This ski crazy community in Northwest Colorado has become our second home-away-from-home,  The ski mountain keeps us entertained all day in between rest stops.  The kids love it and as we say in our world "if the kids are happy, so are the parents".   Fun restaurants for nights out, or dog sledding when you need a break from the mountain.  Main street downtown is worth a stroll to see what a Western mountain town is all about.  Catered chalets are our favorite thing about visiting Steamboat - we have nothing to worry about since...
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Come for the Snow, Stay for the Town


Pros: Terrain Variety, Town, Snow, Bus, People

Cons: Lifts, Challenge

There seems to be a certain truth to the snow at Steamboat in most years; it's consistent and light.  Of course, there are trade-offs for the powder - mainly that it's not an extreme mountain (inbounds, at least).  However, for the 90% of us who don't require mandatory cliffs/cornice jumps and 50 degree slopes, Steamboat does have plenty to offer.  Morningside Park is the place to be on a powder day - the black-rated runs in that area only last for 600-700 vertical feet, and are negotiable by most mid-intermediates or above.  In fact, I found this to be true with several of the black-rated runs at Steamboat.  The...
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Great skiing, good snow frequency


Pros: Treeskiing, powder, varried terain

Cons: not cheap

One of my favorite ski areas. Great powder and tree skiing. Out of my 4 or 5 weeks @ Steamboat in the last 25 years have had fresh snow about twice a week, only skunked one week.   Plenty of ski in ski out options, good restaurants, nice town, very friendly.   As a ski clubber, I get to try lots of different areas. Always very happy to return to Steamboat.

Powder palace


Pros: many powder days, large and uncrowded

Cons: no challenging terrain for experts, no bowls above treeline

Steamboat is known for its powder and we certainly got our dose during the week that we were there.  They dont groom the mountain on powder days, except for the green runs, so there is plenty for everyone.  The mountain is well managed and uncrowded.  Do not recall any lift lines.  It is off the beaten path of the I-70 corridor, so it does not get any day trippers from Denver or weekend skiers. The only shortcoming is the lack of expert terrain and steeps.  They are some real short steep runs near the top but not enough to keep a terrain hog interested.  Although on fresh snow days almost any terrain is fun to ski; there is plenty of single black...
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Steamboat - good stuff


Pros: good powder, good trees, great variety for family

Cons: $93 ticekts (c'mon!!!???)

I just read My Steamboat; A Ski Town Childhood.  (Note: I'm not associated with the author or publishing co. in any way)   but the book got me thinking of my childhood trips to ski at steamboat and made me think I should get back there.   The mountain is a lot of fun.  Not the steepest terrain but the snow was light and fluffy and plentiful.   The town was a ski town.  Not a fake town but a real town struggling to keeps it's local feel.  Nightlife was a lot of fun and the hot springs were a bonus.  



Pros: Great lessons for younger kids

Cons: A little remote

Great town and great skiing