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St Moritz Reviews


Ski the whole valley on one ticket


Pros: Huge ski area, great skiing, beautiful real town, history, variety

Cons: It's a town, so you could be quite a walk away from the lifts

I lived here for a season, and have been back twice since then.  It's nice to see the special things about this area do not seem to change from one visit to the next.   One of the great things about this place is it's history of being a magnet for the wealthy and aristocratic (hence some absolutely beautiful hotels such as Badrutt's Palace & the Kulm) ... but don't think that means all the prices are necessarily higher than anywhere else.   They wouldn't survive if that was so, because the majority of the visitors are ordinary people like you and me.   It's just an element that adds an elegance to the area that makes our visits so special.   The...
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