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Spyder Force Pant - Boys'

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Spyder Force Pant - Boys'

Get him in the Spyder Boys Force Pant and let the mountain reckon with his sharpening skills. Spyder gave the Force Pant a water-repellent finish and taped the critical seams to ward of wet snow, and stuffed it with ThermaWeb insulation to keep him warm in the deeps. Full side zips let him get in and out easily, and suspenders hold the Force Pant in place.

Recommended UseSkiing, snow sports
MaterialNylon with XT and Spylon DWR coating
Side ZipsYes, full side-zip
Pockets2 Front
Seam TapedYes, critically
Waterproof RatingWater-repellent
WaistBelt loops
Insulation60g ThermaWeb
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Red/Black, Size: 808506660008885355096973
Color: Red/Black, Size: 808506660008885355267649
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1808506660018885355266642
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1808506660018885355268240
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1408506660014885355264006
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1408506660014885355268004
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1608506601616885355263825
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1608506601616885355268110
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 1608506600116885355268073
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 1408506600114885355267953
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 1208506600112885355267830
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 1008506600110885355267717
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 1008506600110885355282192
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1808506601418885355106535
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1808506601418885355268264
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1608506601416885355105941
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1608506601416885355268141
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1408506601414885355037693
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1408506601414885355268028
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1208506601412885355104692
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1208506601412885355267908
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1008506601410885355033275
Color: Black/Black, Size: 1008506601410885355267786
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 808506601308885355267670
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1608506601316885355034562
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1608506601316885355268158
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1408506601314885355067010
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1408506601314885355268035
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1008506601310885355267793
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1608506660016885355265874
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1608506660016885355268127
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1208506660012885355266536
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1208506660012885355267885
Color: Red/Black, Size: 1008506660010885355267762
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1808506601618885355268233
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 808506600108885355267595
Color: Black/Red, Size: 808506601608885355263917
Color: Black/Red, Size: 808506601608885355267632
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1408506601614885355266314
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1408506601614885355267991
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1408506601614885355268004
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1208506601612885355267878
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1208506601612885355267885
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1808506601318885355268271
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1808506601318885355282116
Color: Black/Black, Size: 808506601408885355096478
Color: Black/Black, Size: 808506601408885355267663
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1208506601312885355267915
Color: Black/Alpine, Size: 1208506601312885355281911
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1008506601610885355263733
Color: Black/Red, Size: 1008506601610885355267755
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 1808506600118885355107792
Color: Black/Glade, Size: 1808506600118885355268196
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