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Spy Omega Goggles

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Spy Omega Goggles

Spy's Omega Goggles combine stealthy lines with an oversized dual-pane lens to give you a panoramic view of your winter playground. The 100% UV-protected, polycarbonate dual-lenses are machine sealed to keep moisture out, and depressurized to riding altitude so they don't distort your vision on the mountain. Spy's Scoop ventilation system forces air inside, driving heat and moisture out to keep your goggles from fogging up. The Omega Goggles' flexible frame conforms to most face sizes, and features a moisture-wicking fleece lining to keep the connection dry.

Recommended UseSkiing and snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
LensARC Polycarbonate
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
VentilationScoop technology
Face SizeMedium to Large
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White Sabbath-Matte White Bronze w/Silver Mirror, Size: One Size311016396084648478680944
Color: 80'S War Paint-Black w/Neon Snake Print-Rose w/Silver Mirror, Size: One Size311016726200648478679092
Color: Asphalt-Matte Black-Bronze w/Silver Mirror, Size: One Size311016374084648478680937
Color: Asphalt-Matte Black-Bronze, Size: One Size311016374069648478679115
Color: Asphalt-Matte Black-Persimmon, Size: One Size311016374185648478679498
Color: 80'S Hip Hop-Omega 80'S Hip Hop-Rose w/Silver Mirror, Size: One Size311016728200648478679146
Color: Treasury-Gold-Bronze w/Gold Mirror, Size: One Size311016279080648478679139
Color: White Sabbath-Matte White-Bronze, Size: One Size311016396069648478679108
Color: White Sabbath-Matte White-Persimmon, Size: One Size311016396185648478679504
Color: Wowzers-Bronze, Size: One Size311016727069648478680951
Color: Wowzers-Persimmon w/Blue Spectra Mirror, Size: One Size311016727804648478679122