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Spruce 120's, Twin Tip Skiboards

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Spruce 120's, Twin Tip Skiboards

I have used shorty skis for years and love how easily they turn. This past season I picked up a pair of Spruce 120's. They are a bit longer than my other shorties which are all under 100cm and I was a bit apprehensive that the extra length may inhibit the freedom of riding shorties. I couldn't have been more wrong. The 7.6m turning radius keeps them nimble, and the extra length and wood cores make them extremely stable and eliminated all the rattling around that my other shorties have at high speeds. I use releasable bindings with brakes on mine. Other options include non-release bindings and even some snowboard binding/boots options. A nice option Spruce offers is a binding riser system that they drill to fit your specific boot sole length. Not only does that give more leverage on your edge control but allows you to easily switch the bindings to other skiboards with factory installed bushings. The twin tips are pretty cool and gave me the courage and tools to learn how to ski backwards. Riding fakie may not sound like a big deal to many folks, but to me that was a huge breakthrough doing an entire green run fakie (and in control) for the first time. These things plowed right through 8" of fresh snow and all kinds of crud no problem. I wouldn't recommend them for serious racers, but they are just fine for a club participation points run. I also can't recommend them for slush cups or pond skims. Someone half my size may be able to make it over the second half of the pond, but I couldn't :) Specs: 136/105/136 profile wood core, capped construction , sintered base 7.6m Turning Radius Due to the great balance of easy short turns and stability, the Spruce 120's are my new all round favorite ride.

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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Skiboards › Spruce 120's, Twin Tip Skiboards