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Solda Metal Jet

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #5 in Edge Bevel Tools


Pros: Protects edges, makes them faster

Cons: none

I will edit this later after first ski usage.
This stuff should help to prevent rust on your edges and make them slippery (fast).
Euro racers seem to like it.
It is easy to apply.
Do not yet know how far it conflicts with my zardoz usage or normal waxing.
as far as skiing is concerned it works out very well, but it seems to conflict with the notwax i use.
meaning notwax first then metal jet and try not to get it on the base
Solda Metal Jet

Metal Jet is the anti-friction for edges used in the World Cup. Never before has skiing been concentrated so much on the edge of the ski rather than on the ski base. This product is appreciated even more when the snow is so cold it tends to stick to the steel of the edges. Metal Jet stops the build up of ice, improves the initial thrust and increases speed. When the skis are put away it prevent the formation of rust. Indispensable!! Liquid, 25ml bottle + 2 applicators. Excellent to help reduce friction and baseburn on dry slopes.

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