Sofa Ski School: From Blue to Powder Reviews


Superb ski instruction sequel to Sofa Ski School's original masterpiece with more on all-mountain skiing, steeps, moguls, powder


Pros: Lessons crystal clear, intuitive physics, advanced terrain steeps, powder, moguls - fundamental how-to's, fun, good music, fires you up

Cons: Some of the most basic drills are to be found in the first video

This second instalment from Klaus Mair (KM) is  a bit more serious, a lot more advanced and fun! Many learnt so much from the first video and it was a good laugh too with good music. Gontlath is the source of the music here too, with the music really, really good in places. It is a self-edited video, make what you like of it, but it really is quite a watch.    You will witness an excellent, patient, lively, fun-filled progression from the basics to the advanced starting from first-plus (a bit past rank beginner) principles - for beginners/intermediates (Blue) to intermediates/advanced (Red) to advanced (Black) , basically lessons to become an expert.    Two...
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