Sofa Ski School: From Blue to Powder


Pros: Lessons crystal clear, intuitive physics, advanced terrain steeps, powder, moguls - fundamental how-to's, fun, good music, fires you up

Cons: Some of the most basic drills are to be found in the first video

This second instalment from Klaus Mair (KM) is  a bit more serious, a lot more advanced and fun! Many learnt so much from the first video and it was a good laugh too with good music. Gontlath is the source of the music here too, with the music really, really good in places. It is a self-edited video, make what you like of it, but it really is quite a watch. 


You will witness an excellent, patient, lively, fun-filled progression from the basics to the advanced starting from first-plus (a bit past rank beginner) principles - for beginners/intermediates (Blue) to intermediates/advanced (Red) to advanced (Black) , basically lessons to become an expert. 


Two key ways to acquire this Ski Instruction Movie : With modern technology available, Klaus has made each stage of ski technique progression into a self-contained chapter. 

Therefore :

(1) Now if you acquire the Vimeo-on-Demand version, thereafter is available for you to download on your personal device, be it computer, smart TV, iPhone, Android Phone or any mobile device of your choice. Note from Vimeo-on-Demand, post purchase, one can download individual segments as delineated by KM separately so one can store just the clip one wants on one's mobile device for access on mountain and not take up too much valuable mobile device hard drive real estate.

(2) Get the DVD on Amazon or on Sofa Ski School's web site or other places, 

What is done here is from lessons on basics, progressively addition of key elements of advanced techniques for all-mountain skiing, racing (no gates mind you in the lessons, not his focus), just a relentlessly advancing series of turn and tactics, from initiations, to transitions, and control. Then KM goes on to show you some critical factors which come into play in skiing steep terrain, moguls and powder. There are drills for each segment.


The first video: reviewed on Epic, and available on Amazon etc. by a couple of folks (this reviewer being one) : was a masterpiece of crystal clear instruction, with so many easy to follow drills, and most importantly was not mind-numbingly boring, it was 'fun' to watch! The drills in the first DVD are far greater in number for the beginner skier, this video is for all skiers, but there are less drills here, like Javelin Turns, or Dolphin Turns etc., and watching KM do them could give you a complex !-) But that is the first DVD.


Back to this more Advanced Ski Instruction Sequel : What is best about the presentation is the relaxed delivery, in plain English (lad is Austrian), friendly and picks up on a lifetime of watching skiers weaknesses at all levels, and hence proposes tactics and techniques to help overcome those deficiencies in all who ski. If you watch carefully, and pay attention, you are going to become a better skier, that's a sure thing. His drills, some are known , others are quite original actually and the delivery is just good fun, and often funny!


Being inundated with the most boring ski instruction videos where the expert skiers look like the  automatons, the legs swishing right and left, the upper body  a Star Wars robot boring (quiet upper body, we get); whereas skiing is supposed to be dynamic, powerful, graceful, like a ballet, on afterburners even when slow ! Not some 'left/right-leg-swishing' akin to 'sweeping the snow' as one heads down some mind-numbingly boring run. I for one find a significant portion (not all) of what passes for 'good' ski instruction on the internet ambien-esque! The paucity of variety, dynamism, intellectual ingenuity, creative genius in motion is often lost; luckily and thankfully to be found in videos of those who are free-skiers. It's as if we are in the midst of a Ski War Z on the slopes !-) There is a reason after all Bode Miller, is who he is, he looks like no one else, and very few on this planet can ski like him, if any, now that is creative genius.


After all, skiing is all about being free, breaking free of dogma, tradition, rules, making gravity your friend and challenging it sometimes humbly-carefully, taking terrain with confidence and style, blasting through fear. Creative expression is always needed, it is just breathtakingly beautiful when done well. KM's style of instruction does one thing for you, it allows you to unleash your own inner Michelangelo-on-skis, inspires you to just rip it and sculpt your own ride! 


So, in this humble viewer's opinion, KM's second Instruction movie is just one hell of a 'fun' ride!  

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Sofa Ski School: From Blue to Powder

Klaus Mair's incredibly interesting sequel to his original Sofa Ski School : For Blue to Black Diamond, on Vimeo on Demand Streaming , opportunity single lesson download on mobile devices or other devices, and DVD on Amazon

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