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Sofa Ski School: From Blue to Black Diamond Reviews


Sofa Ski School....from Blue tp Black Diamond


Pros: Gets right to the point in the simplest, clearest way.

Cons: You will not learn any fancy words or complex explanations.

This video is the real deal and could be the best $30 you ever spend learning to improve your skiing.    The video lessons on the DVD are great, simple, concise and to the point.  Pick the lesson/area you want to improve on,  watch it 5 or 10 times and go out and practice.  Stand in front of the video screen and try the moves, train your muscles to make the moves. You could even take the DVD with you to the hill along with your laptop and work your way thru the lessons.  No mumbo jumbo with words or explanations you don't understand.   It might just be me but I have trouble learning to improve my skiing reading a book ( and I have a few of...
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The best Ski Instruction DVD


Pros: Clear, simple to understand, fun to watch, occam's razor applied with class

Cons: no discussion about skiing moguls

  There is a reason Klaus Mair's SofaSkiSchool clip on YouTube is the most viewed on the web. The explanations throughout are the one DVD-quiver for any budding beginner, motivated intermediate or driven expert. You just get it, and you will know what I mean, its to the point and the exercises get to the heart of understanding what the laws of physics are when it comes to application to your skiing. The exercises are fantastic, some are common, others are quite unique, especially the one's where you learn to "lean forward", and "carve", superbly done. In summary: SofaSkiSchool video, is the numero uno, the best instruction video, bar none, and it's actually fun to...
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