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Baltimore/Washington International Airport

Airlines operating from Baltimore include Air Canada, Air Mobility Command, AirTran Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Cape Air, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and US Airways Express.


Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Airlines operating from Washington National include Air Canada, AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental, Delta Airlines, Frontier, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and  US Airways Express.


Dulles International Airport

Airlines operating from Dulles include Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Air Canada, Air France, AirTran Airways, ANA, American Airlines, American Connection, Austrian, Avianca,  British Airways, Continental, Copa, Delta, Ethiopian, Iberia, Jet Blue, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Open Skies, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, South African Airlines, Southwest Airlines, SAS, Sun Country Airlines, Grupo Taca, United, United Express, US Airways, US Airways Express, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic.



Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range

Snowshoe Mountain Resort 


Snowshoe offers hotels, condos, cabins, private town homes and mountaintop chalets. All served by shuttle.

Extra person charges may apply

$100 and up







Auntie Pasta's



Brandi's at the Inn at Snowshoe

Cheat Mountain Pizza Company



Foxfire Grille


Old Spruce Cafe & Tavern




Sunset Cantina

  • Additional Dining Options Available Here.




Snowshoe is an "upside down" resort, with all the base facilities located at the top of the mountain. To get to the "base" - which is also the "top" - it's a five mile drive up the access road from the valley to the summit. All the resort facilities (condos, restaurants, shops, parking, etc.) are located along a ridge at the top of the mountain, and the lifts and trails fan out from there into the valley. If you want to lose somebody, just tell them "meet me at the base." Intrawest have invested heavily in Snowshoe since purchasing it in November 1995, spending on new quad chairs and improved snow making to enable the resort to open before Thanksgiving. The upgraded snowmaking can create up to 2,300 tons of snow per hour, to top up the 180 inches of natural snowfall the resort receives each season. Snowshoe also has floodlights for night skiing and snowboarding on the resort's second mountain - the shuttle linked Silver Creek area. A snow tubing park has also been added here as an integral part of Ruckus Ridge Adventure Center and Tubing Park. Off slope Snowshoe is usually buzzing, with a Comedy Club as well as plenty of lively restaurants and nightclubs. Snowshoe is already the largest and most popular winter resort in the mid-Atlantic and southeast regions. And the company has developed Snowshoe's year round attributes (which include a championship golf course and excellent mountain biking facilities in the summer) in order to take a place as one of Eastern North America's leading destination resorts.

Snow making percent100%
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Magic carpet2
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow1
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Poma
Lifts-Surface Lifts-T bar
Lifts-Surface Lifts-J bar
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Single
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple6
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-High speed quad3
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Five person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Eight person
Lifts-Coggle train
Lifts-Total number of lifts14
Lifts-Total lift capacity23,400/hr.
Trails-4-Expert only5%
Trails-5-Terrain park22 acres (5%)
Trails-6-Half pipe
Runs-Steepest run
Runs-Longest run1.5 miles
General-Base elevation3348'
General-Vertical drop1500'
General-Mountain range
General-Annual skier visits
General-Back country access
General-Total area in bounds244 acres
General-Snow making coverage244 acres
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: Nice mountiam

Cons: Bring lots of cash

        I gave up on this place years ago. I imagine the management thinks this place is Vail. Pricey lift tickets extremely long lift lines, expensive lodging expensive food, and crowded. 3 days of skiing and 2 nights lodging well over $1000 for 2 people. So long Snowshoe.


Pros: Closest place to Raleigh, NC

Cons: Prices, crowds, ice, crowds and prices ... oh yeah and the prices too!

Too crowded and especially for the price.  Intrawest must really be making a boatload of cash off this place.  Grooming is usually up to par, but again with the crowds there make this place is a madhouse.  The staff there is overworked and under appreciated.  As the season wears on this takes a toll on even the nicest people ... they get to the point of give me your money, shut up and go away.  The $75 lift tickets really annoy me and especially with the lift lines, and people scanning your ticket out in the trail before you get to the lift ... more lines to wait on.


Pros: Most runs in Mid-Atlantic, good snowmaking

Cons: Expensive, long lift lines, out of control skiers

PROS: Great assortment of trails of varying difficulty located across the resort.  It’s a good resort for beginners as there are an abundant amount of Green trails.  There are many options for slopeside housing. The scenery in the basin area of the resort is really picturesque with its abundance of large Red Spruce trees and the lake in the valley below. They are able to start their season before any other nearby resorts because of their natural elevation and excellent snowmaking capabilities (180in of natural snowfall doesn’t hurt either).  They now have a Waffle Cabin which is like my Achilles Heel and I have to stop by for a couple waffles!  Shay’s revenge is considered one of the most challenging runs in the Mid-Atlantic (among the likes of Blue Knob’s Extrovert and Timberline’s Off the Wall) and should be skied at least once if you want bragging rights.


CONS:  Fair warning, this is going to get ugly! So you like to open up your wallet to have it depleted and look at your bummer of a credit card statement the month after you visit a ski resort…then Snowshoe is for you!  For all the money that you spend at Snowshoe for a weekend, you could easily spend less and drive up to Vermont for far better quality resorts.  The housing is price gouging, the lift tickets are over priced, the meals at nearby restaurants are way too expensive for what you get.  It’s the Mid-Atlantic region, not Vail or Aspen here.  There are no really viable options for lodging around the area that are clean and decently kept.  Although they have the most number of trails of any resort in the Mid-Atlantic, they are super crowded and jammed on the weekends with a bunch of people skiing wildly and out of control (back to the ski school & bunny hill is where they should go until it is more safe for them and others).  Lift lines are horrendous on the weekends!  Their Ski Patrol is really cautious with the skiers/boarders, as they should be, but they also keep back the higher skill skiers/boarders who want to go off piste.  I’ve found that there is no liberal in-bounds policy here and have received numerous threats of having my lift ticket removed for skiing through mid-difficulty glades with plenty snow cover.  Snowshoe boasts their 1,500ft Vertical Drop, well that only applies to two Black Diamond runs in the Western Territory which most people don’t ski at anyways.  The Basin and Silver Creek area only have a maximum Vertical Drop of 750ft, which is just 50ft more than Wisp Resort.    


THE RUN DOWN:  After two separate trips to this resort over the last couple years, I simply won’t come back here unless it is mid-week, where it won’t be crowded, and if I receive some special discounts on lodging & lift tickets.  It’s just not worth my time or money.  It is a far 5 hour drive from the DC area meanwhile I could be only a couple more hours driving distance from resorts in southern Vermont without having to drive on those brutal switchback local roads in West Virginia.  If you want a big mountain ski experience with also 180in of natural snowfall, just a 3 hour drive from DC on 90% highways and you want better value for your money, the options of Timberline and Canaan Valley Resort both in Davis, WV are much better for real skier’s mountains.


My Timberline Resort Review:  http://www.epicski.com/products/timberline-four-seasons-resort/reviews/3558


My Canaan Valley Resort Review:  http://www.epicski.com/products/canaan-valley-resort

Camp 99, a Black Diamond trail in the Basin area at end of season


Pros: Lots of trails of varying difficulty, great shuttle system, lots of lodging options, great family programs, something for everyone!

Cons: Can tend to get crowded on weekends/holidays (where can't?), a little pricey for some people

I may be a tad biased because I have family who recently bought a cabin right by the resort, and so I've been spending lots of time up there lately and am now in love with the area, but I'll try to right an unbiased review for everyone to get the scoop.


My wife and I are a young couple with an almost 3 year old daughter, and we LOVE Snowshoe.


We are intermediate skiers trying to get more to the advanced side, and 95% of our skiing is done at Snowshoe.


There's no shortage of trails (pending mother nature cooperating), so whether you prefer the gentle slope of greens, the slightly more difficult blues, or really testing your skills on the blacks (or double blacks), Snowshoe has something for you.


There are 3 main "areas" at Snowshoe, there' s Silver Creek which is the first area you encounted when driving up the main road in from the bottom, and then Snowshoe Basin up top (the main area where The Village and most lodging is located) as well as The Western Territory (home to Cupp Runn and Shay's Revenge, a 1.5 mile black and a thrilling double black, respectively). You can easily hit all 3 areas in a day thanks to the shuttle system which is free of charge. Whether you're coming up or down the mountain, you'll never have to wait longer than 15 minutes which is the interval the shuttle runs at all day.


They've got a great kids program, and we take full advantage of it. My daughter loves the Pre-Ski School, a program for 2-4 year olds that gives mom and dad a nice day on the slopes knowing that their child is in good hands (and having fun!).


Things to be prepared for: Crowds definitely do pile in on the weekends, and large coach buses are a common sight on many various days/weekends throughout the year. Some days more than others they're dedicated to scanning everyone's tickets/passes, which can be a bit cumbersome when the lift lines are already getting long. (Pro-Tip, if you feel like the lines are getting too long for your liking, and your skills will allow, head on over to Western Territory, I've never had to wait in a line longer than 30 seconds there!)


Lodging:You can spend as much or as little (relatively speaking) as you want to stay at Snowshoe. Being we're a young couple, when we don't stay at the family's cabin, we usually stay at the Inn at Snowshoe to save some money vs. staying up top in The Village. They have a pool and hot tub, and you get a complimentary breakfast. Keep in mind even staying at the bottom at The Inn, you have a shuttle running up top every 15 minutes.


All in all we love Snowshoe, and we regularly made the 6 hour drive out here from our home in Virginia Beach even before we had family that owned a cabin up there.


Pros: Best resort around without going west or up to new england

Cons: Kinda expensive busy around holidays

Great vertical drop across the mountain. Detachable lifts. Nice snow. Challenging black diamonds whats not to love?


Pros: Location, Village, Size

Cons: Expensive, Minimal Vertical

I've been meaning to try Snowshoe for the last few years, and finally took a last-minute trip there for 2 days last week.  Living in North Carolina, I wanted to try something a bit more sizable than the NC resorts, but still drivable for a "quick escape".


The upside-down village with lodging/shopping at the top of the lifts is interesting.  There are plenty of options for lodging, with many alternatives where lifts are right outside the door.  Clearly, Intrawest believes they have a captive audience from the D.C. and other areas, because they are not bashful about their prices!  This is not a cheap place to ski.


I had heard enough about the potential for weekend and holiday crowds, so I took a midweek trip.  It made ALL THE DIFFERENCE!  In the main Snowshoe Basin area, while there are a good number of trails, the vertical is minimal.  I had no lift lines whatsoever, so ran laps up and down over and over again.  Since I did not go on a weekend, I cannot speak to the right strategy for those times, but I stayed on the high-speed quads primarily and got an awful lot of skiing in. 


There is a shuttle service that appears to be pretty convenient, but I did not have occasion to use it.  Everything was within reasonable walking distance.  I did not try the Silver Creek area, which is separate from the Snowshoe Basin area.  It appears, however, to offer much of the same type of trails.  I did, however, try out the Western Territory on the second day, and it was actually quite fun.  There are just a few runs there, but they are significantly longer runs with more vertical.  I took some laps on Cupp Run and Shay's Revenge, and they were a lot more enjoyable.


All in all, it worked for me, but I probably would never go there on a busy weekend or holiday.  I will be back during another midweek period, and will use Liftopia to reduce the pain of the lift ticket prices!


Pros: real mountain terrain "near" DC

Cons: more resort than ski area, high prices, and risky conditions

I’ve been to Snowshoe twice, so I can’t claim to know the area well, or to have an insider’s knowledge of all the pros to the resort. It’s a bizarre layout with the “base lodge” and all the shops at the top of the mountain. You have to ski down and take the chair back up to get to your car or the restaurants. They do have a lot of amenities, probably because there’s not a ton of terrain to ski. I lived in DC for a short time but craved good skiing. I had been worn out at the local PA and MD hills, so we ventured farther (5 hours) to Snowshoe. Our first mistake was going during a holiday weekend (New Year’s). The crowds were nuts, and the weather didn’t cooperate. It rained the whole time, and there were really only 2-3 trails open but they still charged full holiday rates. We ended up spending most of our time indoors instead. The second trip was a couple years later, again over a holiday (MLK Day) but the crowds were less – however it was one of those cold snaps, so it was around 0 degrees F. The terrain wasn’t as good as we’d hoped, and it was really icy. It was better than the stuff just outside DC, so it might be worth it so you can be in the mountains! If you do decide to go, I highly recommend staying at Elk River – a touring center (mtn bikes in the summer, x-country skiing in the winter). They have a FANTASTIC restaurant and you can stay at the inn pretty cheaply.


Pros: Earliest opening resort on east coast

Cons: Can be expensive

I've been going to SS for over 20 years and would agree with others here that it has gotten worse as the years progress.  The Intrawest buyout a few years back helped certain things (more equipment) but also hurt other things (higher prices).  Luckily, I have not experienced the same "overcrowding" that others are reporting in ANY of my trips to the resort.  This is likely due to the time I visit it (first week in December) and sometimes early March (early & late season skiing).  They typically have demo days that same weekend (4th/5th this year) and we take advantage of the "buy 3, get fourth night lodging and skiing free".  I typically take my two boys (one 6 and one 13 now).  They have a BLAST EVERY TIME.  Split Rock pool is a lot of fun for them at those ages.  The bars are not any more expensive than any of the bars out west and they are convienent (a 1-minute walk from your room if you stay in any of the five condo complexes right at the top of the mountain).  Snowshoe is usually the FIRST to open up each season so if you want to ski in December, you almost always have to go there as no other resorts are even open.