DO NOT GO if you are not advanced

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Pros: Wonderful staff. Stopped to help and direct

Cons: cat trails and taking life into your hands, NO easy way out but slick cat trails

DO NOT GO if you are not advanced --- while I've been skiing for 15 years and am advanced-intermediate, this place scared me.  There are NO runs I felt comfortable or easy, especially off the Gondola or tunnel area which we were assured I could do before going.  I did groomed blacks at Solitude, Alta and Snowbasin days before and we were told I could do Snowbird but only did 3 runs.....IT WAS OVER MY ABILITY LEVEL even as an advanced intermediate skiier.   We did not find ANY easy runs.  The drop-ins to the blues at Snowbird makes it a difficult black and scary if you are not comfortable 'dropping-in" to a steep area.  It was hard to wide-traverse into a steep terrain because of the other skiers.  While wide open, expert skiers fly past and cut-short wide turns.  The place is populated by mostly-male-aggressive skiers who fly past and close the space for wide turns.  The lifts are crowded and the only resort the whole week that was so.


There is little way-out of steep terrain except cat-walks, and those were no fun either.  To avoid steeps and moguls the only option is 2-3' cat trails which drop into moguls and extreme areas, so it's scary to even run the cat trails.  It was NOT a fun day skiing on slick/icy cat trails.  Even these end up forcing a drop-in to a steep and sometimes narrow way out crowded with other skiers trying to safely navigate too.  We did 3 runs and left feeling we took our lives in our hands trying to get out.  DO NOT GO if you cannot do steep blacks and moguls at other resorts first.


We had Spring conditions that were soft. I cannot imagine how much harder it would be if it was deep too.


It's also pricey.  $106 day ticket.  We got our cheaper in town for $80.  Pretty much a waste for 3 runs that scared us the entire time!


Sounds like you were on the wrong part of the mountain. Totally agree that Snowbird's not the greatest option for an intermediate skier, but still, you should have been fine looker's right on Gadzoom, Gad II, and Baby Thunder. Depending on how things are shaping up, Little Cloud and Mineral Basin can be good (if perhaps repetitive) options for intermediates. Sorry you didn't have more fun there -- agreed that it's way too expensive if what you're looking for is blue terrain. Would recommend Snowbasin for next time: cheaper, bluer, arguably more posh, and far less crowded.
You might have had a better experience if you had taken one of the free mountain tours that they offer - 
Snowbird is a mountain with lots of steep terrain that can be tricky to navigate. This reminds me of the statement that the trail rating system is relative to the resort itself and not to other resorts. Even some of Snowbird's green runs might be comparable to a blue run at another resort. (Example - Big Emma)