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Hated it


Pros: Lodge food was awesome, non-existant lift lines

Cons: Horrible spring skiing

Been to Snowbasin twice with my brothers who love it. Both times were in March and both times the skiing was horrible. Icy at the top and slushy at the bottom. Another thing I dislike about the resort is it takes too long to get to from Park City. Maybe that's why it's never crowded. Probably won't go back.

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Bob Peters

Don't Visit Snowbasin!


Pros: Great terrain variety, super lifts, excellent facilities, GREAT grooming, seldom busy

Cons: Not as much snow as the Cottonwood Canyons (but still lots of snow)

Don't let my title spook you out.  I'm just joking. I live in Jackson Hole, which should say a little bit about the type of ski area I prefer, and Snowbasin is my favorite Utah ski resort.  The variety of terrain at Snowbasin is endless, from wide, sweeping, immaculately-groomed runs all the way to seriously-steep challenges.  I absolutely love the long, sparsely-wooded ridge-and-gully terrain over toward the Strawberry gondola.  For a real challenge, ride the little gondola from the top of the John Paul lift and the ski down the entire Grizzly run, which was the site of the men's downhill at the 2002 Olympics.  As you navigate the drops and turns, imagine doing that run at an average...
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A not to miss area if you're in Utah


Pros: terrain, snow, lifts, food, and, of course, the BATHROOMS

Cons: Have to travel to get to

After Snowbird, Snowbasin is my go-to place in Utah. Fun terrain, great lifts, fantastic food (the only place I really stop for lunch at), and, of course, the legendary bathrooms. It does seem to have a bit of a visibility challenge more often than other Utah resorts (Whistler junior?), but with so much fun terrain you can usually get below the problem so that you can't help to have a good time. And, oh, there's rarely a line of any kind. As mentioned, there's no lodging within about 20 miles, so there's no nighlight, but my feeling is that if you need nightlife then you haven't skied hard enough.

Country-Club-like ski resort


Pros: Awesome lodge (took pictures of the bathrooms!), great views

Cons: Spring skiing slushy and hard to get back on main-run greens

This is the most incredibly over-the-top country-club-like resort we've been and we've skied all over USA.  It's so cool I took pictures of the bathrooms!  Beautifully done.  Three gondolas keep you from the weather getting around mountain, although a couple regular lifts are quite slow.  Very open terrain and plenty of blue and green for easy skiers, and then the Olympic runs for the advanced.  Staff are friendly and the access to everything easy.   Only complaint is not something they can change -- weather made it slushy by 1:00 and Apres Ski was very limited.  We went around St. Pat's Day 2017 and they were suffering from low temps (70 in the...
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My favorite place!


Pros: great intermediate skiing

Cons: Town needs a liquor store

My first trip to Utah skiing and this was my favorite resort!  It has the long groomers, the steep cliffs, beautiful scenery, and powder that will last for days!   Local folk don't want me spreading this around.  They want people to go to Park City.  But newbies like me deserve to know!  Plus we need just enough skiers to keep this place going!  Snowbasin is the best!  It has enough difficult stuff to keep the extremist happy but enough long moderate stuff for the majority of us.   I find it really funny that people think it is too far away.  It is worth that extra 30 minutes!    Powder lasted for 3 days after a storm last week...
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Huge mountain, wide open terrain, no people


Pros: size, terrain, ease of access

Cons: no on-hill lodging

My last visit to Snowbasin was in the early 80s, long before the Olympics when it was just a tiny little mom & pop ski area.   To say the place has changed a bit would be the ultimate understatement.  The absolute size of this place feels somewhere in the neighborhood of Jackson Hole or Snowmass. Much like its neighbor resort Powder Mountain, the terrain at these northern Wasatch resorts seems much more open and most of this gigantic mountain is just wide open skiing that invites you to point your skis like your’e playing a game of “spin the bottle”.   Click here for a complete trip report (2/15)

Hidden Gem


Pros: Lifts, Lodges, Intermediate-Advanced Terrain

Cons: Lack of lodging

Snowbasin is my favorite all-around resort. I have done countless trips to Utah with friends and we've driven an hour from Park City to Snowbasin. It's hilarious to hear the bitching and moaning from first timers as we drive by Park City, Canyons, and then another hour through the middle of nowhere. At the end of the day, everyone has always said that Snowbasin is their new favorite resort (over Mammoth, Canyons, Park City, Deer Valley, anything in Tahoe or Colorado). Not kidding. No crowds, awesome snow, tons of intermediate-advanced terrain, long runs, easy to navigate, very few flat sections, and unbeatable lodges.    Don't forget to pick up discounted lift tickets at...
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Utah's best kept secret


Pros: fast lifts, long trails, great food, not crowded

Cons: middle of no where

Honestly, this is one of my favorite mountains.  Its really shocking how little people go there and know about it since it is ALWAYS empty when I ski there.  The trails are amazing, long, open, well groomed, and fast.  You can cruise for 10-15 minutes before you even have to take a lift or gondola.  Its a bit of a pain to get to, but is WELL WORTH IT.  Great terrain for expert skiers and they have the downhill course from the 2002 Olympics which is sweet.  By far the most underrated mountain in Utah.



Pros: Terrain, lift service, no crowds

Cons: No lodging at mountain (kind of a good thing though)

Best kept secret in Utah (I am not helping am I).  The 55 minute drive from Salt Lake turns away just enough people to keep it the secret gem it truly is.  Every one I have taken there or made go there have agreed it is their favorite resort by far.  Whether you are looking for the wide open glade / cruisers on strawberry side, the technical and off piste nature of the John Paul side, or the steeps off the Mt. Allen tram, Snowbasin has it all.  Not to mention everything is served via high speed gondola or quad.  People get so spoiled, most don't make the extra hike to the No Name terrain.  Their loss, my gain if you ask me.  The lower wasatch sometimes wins the cup in snow category due to...
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cool spot


Pros: gondys, multiple gondys

Cons: to0 "elegant"

super fun, super unknown, noones there mid week.  terrain is ok at best, just good ole fun rippin.  nothing insane or anything, that i was able to get to, saw this one set of tracks, blew my mind.  turns out the dude dies and blood was all over the cliff..... love this sport rip shane and doug.