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Smith Variant Brim Helmet Reviews

Positive Reviews


Look No Further


Pros: Great fit, light weight, good looking

Cons: Adjusters can damage jackets

I spied this beauty in a shop last year and had to have one. I'm now into my second season with the Variant and am very pleased.  The cosmetics are killer, the feature list long and the fit outstanding. Although I didn't notice this last year, RDB33 is right about the adjusters snagging jackets. I found to have this problem only when the helmet wasn't cinched down tightly though. I paired mine with the Fuse goggle this season, but used another goggle last year (another Smith product) and it worked well with that one as well. I have a more detailed review at my website GearGuide. 

What a helmet


Pros: Look's great, anti-fog system, venting, comfortable, visor, no goggle gap, adjustability

Cons: That tiny vent knob

Bought the helmet this year.  Everything works excellently as advertised, and the and fog integration really works with any goggle I've used.  It looks slick in Matte Black, and the adjustability is great.  I love this helmet.  Looks and fits great with the Smith Scope Pro goggle.

Negative Reviews


Could damage your jacket


Pros: lightweight and fits well

Cons: the design of the adjuster damaged my jacket

Although it is lightweight and fits well, the design of the adjuster damaged my jacket.  Although the adjusters do not appear to be sharp, your natural head movements make their design dig into the top of any jacket with a high neck and gradually thread them.  Once used, you will not be able to obtain a refund and Smith deny that anyone else has had a problem.  Be warned!

smith variant brim helmet- beware!


Pros: comfortable

Cons: wont hold up if you crash!

Bought this helmet last year, Dec. 2009 , it has a "lifetime warranty" which means that if it cracks or comes apart, SMITH will warranty it. But, if you fall & it comes apart at the seam, it is NOT warrantied!   It my 15 years of skiing and numerous falls, have NEVER had a helmet crack, or break! I just change them up when I am looking for a more stylish one every couple of years. Because of the way this helmet is manufactured, it has a weak spot around the ENTIRE midsection, where the two parts are seamed together. Bummer! Disappointed in the quality of the manufacturing, but felt it was a comfortable, cool looking helmet.   For $159, it would be best to...
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More Reviews


must have


Pros: very cocomfortable.

Cons: price

i went out shopping for a helmet and i found it. tried on many helmets and there are many out there but this one fits on your head like no other. fits large goggles with out a problem. vents well. had no problems yet with over heating. actually had to close the  vents of couple of times.

great helmet


Pros: fit, light weight, comfort, adjustable vents

Cons: price

 This helmet was the most comfortable I've tried on. It also looks good without making you look like a skateboard refugee. Watch ski instructors - if they're wearing a helmet, there's a good chance it's this one. The reason is all-day comfort and good vent features. As for the brim - it keeps snow off the top of your goggles. Could you do without it? Sure ... is it a plus? Overall, I think so. Someone mentioned that it makes it harder to push your goggles up off your face. If you use both hands, it's pretty easy, you just have to pull the band a bit, raise the goggles, then let the band contract again to hold them onto the helmet. Another factor is that the brim makes the goggles less...
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Pros: Warm, good fit, comfortable

Leaves virtually no gap with Phenom goggle. Perfect fit, overall great helmet.  Comfortable - everything from the chin strap to the ear muffs.

Great Helmet


Pros: Venting, fit

Cons: Brim can be a pain with goggles

Great lightwight helmet that fits very well.  Really like the on the fly vent adjustment feature and the ability to dial in the fit with the microadjustment at the back of the helmet.  I agree with wildone09 that the brim can get in the way when flipping up your goggles.  Disagree with hizdudeness about the brim creating a problem if you land on it.  If you land on the brim and break it off you just saved breaking your face!  That's what the brim is for.  If you don't like the brim get the regular version of the Variant without one.

Great helmet


Pros: Good fit, light,

Cons: Brim

I liked everything about this helmet (its the first one i've owned). I use it in conjunction with a set of oakly Xframes, and the skull candy headphones. I've taken several hard spills and its protected my head each time. The only real con is that the brim creates a odd leverage point if you happen to land on it (I did). The brim broke off breaking the foam and plastic behind it. I dont know what they could actually do to remedy this though. I used some industrial silicone (sikaflex) to fix the foam and threw the brim away. My intention is to buy a new one when the money comes available. All in all this is a good helmet and worth the money. Its saved my noggin several times.

Great helmet!


Pros: Fit, Venting, Goggle compatibility

Cons: Price

Great helmet! Fits very well.  I also picked up a pair of Smith Phenom goggles with this and I have a perfect system with the two.  Smart venting system and the brim is nice for additional sun cutting.  Only con of the brim is that it is not as easy to flip goggles up onto the forehead area when you want to get them off your face for a moment.  The brim makes you have to put them higher than you want and they sometimes then get pulled off and hang from the back which can be a bit annoying.  (I think it's still worth it though...)
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