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Smith Transit Goggle

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Smith Transit Goggle

The Smith Transit Goggles have a snug fit for rippers with small faces and provide enhanced depth perception on the slopes. The Transit Goggles' adjustable lens vents lets you control the amount of airflow a lot when you start heating up on the hill, or a little when you're just cruising the groomers. Wicking foam keeps these Smith goggles feelin' good on warm spring days, and the custom-painted frame gives you a solid look as you head into the park. See the sizing chart for info on the lens tints.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
LensCarbonic-X lens with TLT Optics
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
VentilationRegulator adjustable lens ventilation
Face SizeSmall
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: TN4ILV8, Color: Lavender Intersection/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeTN4ILV8715757281472
Style: TN4EBK, Color: Black Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeTN4EBK715757230418
Style: TN4ZBK, Color: Black Intersection/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeTN4ZBK715757230395
Style: TN4IGP7, Color: Graphite Intersection/Ignitor Mi, Size: One SizeTN4IGP7715757259181
Style: TN4PMGP7, Color: Graphite Intersection/Platinum M, Size: One SizeTN4PMGP7715757259198
Style: TN4ZGP7, Color: Graphite Intersection/Sensor Mir, Size: One SizeTN4ZGP7715757259174
Style: TN4EGP7, Color: Graphite Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeTN4EGP7715757259204
Style: TN4ELV8, Color: Lavender Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeTN4ELV8715757281496
Style: TN4PMLI8, Color: Lagoon Intersection/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeTN4PMLI8715757281618
Style: TN4ELI8, Color: Lagoon Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeTN4ELI8715757281625
Style: TN4ZLV8, Color: Lavender Intersection/Sensor Mir, Size: One SizeTN4ZLV8715757280284
Style: TN4ILI8, Color: Lagoon Intersection/Ignitor Mirr, Size: One SizeTN4ILI8715757281601
Style: TN4PMLV8, Color: Lavender Intersection/Platinum M, Size: One SizeTN4PMLV8715757281489
Style: TN4ZLI8, Color: Lagoon Intersection/Sensor Mirro, Size: One SizeTN4ZLI8715757286439
Style: TN4IWT7, Color: White Intersection/Ignitor Mirro, Size: One SizeTN4IWT7715757259211
Style: TN4EWT, Color: White Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeTN4EWT715757230470
Style: TN4PMWT, Color: White Intersection/Platinum Mirr, Size: One SizeTN4PMWT715757230463
Style: TN4ZWT, Color: White Intersection/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeTN4ZWT715757230456
Style: TN4IYL8, Color: Yellow Intersection/Ignitor Mirr, Size: One SizeTN4IYL8715757281533
Style: TN4EYL8, Color: Yellow Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeTN4EYL8715757281571
Style: TN4PMYL8, Color: Yellow Intersection/Platinum Mir, Size: One SizeTN4PMYL8715757281557
Style: TN4ZYL8, Color: Yellow Intersection/Sensor Mirro, Size: One SizeTN4ZYL8715757281519
Style: TN4IBK7, Color: Black Intersection/Ignitor Mirro, Size: One SizeTN4IBK7715757259167