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Smith Prodigy Goggle Reviews


I have a hugh head


Pros: These fit my head

Cons: none

I got a big head, about 24 inches a round.  these fit my head, and that is all I needed. I used ebay to get them that cheap.  Rock on you fat headed fools. had fog for maybe 30 seconds total in course of 3 days.

Awesome goggle!


Pros: Comfortable, great tint, never fog.

Cons: None

Have the sensor mirror lens and love it in sun and overcast days!  Wear them with a Smith Variant Brim helmet.  Comfortable all day fit.  The spherical lens offers a distort free view I seemed to have with non spherical goggles.  Liked them better than the more expensive Smith Phenom.  A great all around goggle!

Great goggle for a large face


Pros: Very fog resistant, comfortable, with excellent optical clarity

Cons: Will not work with all helmets; intechangable external pieces are a useless gimick.

I've now accumulated three pairs of these goggles becasue I have been so satisfied with them. They fit a large face; the spherical lenses are clearer than standard plastics and the width of the frame gives you good peripheral vision; they are well ventilated and are therefore quite fog resistant; I think that the adjustable front vent is useful because at speed you can close them to prevent too much cold air from entering but on the lift you can open it up to prevent condensation. I find them to be comfortable, and they match the contours of many helmets to provide a gap-free fit. However, depending on the dimensions of your head they may be too large to fit with a given helmet. Trying...
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Great goggle


Pros: Nice field of view, low fogging and many color options

Cons: A bit pricey

When I went to buy these I was surprised by how many options there were, there are even kits to customize your goggles. Unlike the the Phenom, these area little bigger for people with bigger faces or who want a better field of view, They fit snugly and perfectly under my helmets as well. The lens is perfect for Washington skiing as well. They are very comfortable to wear and the vent system is well made to prevent fogging.
Do Work

Great goggles


Pros: huge field of vision, comfy, don't really fog

Cons: lack of interchangability

Great goggle, I own the one with the blue HI lens, and it is awesome.  Great field of vision, great clarity and very comfy.  I didn't get the turbo fan just because I don't like gadgetry that can break, freeze up or what have you.  I haven't been let down by them yet.  A little too clear for the really bright days, but in flat or low light situations, I've been very happy to have them.  Overall I like the design and they fit my face perfectly.  A little pricey but not too bad considering the I/O is about another $50.