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Smith Phenom Turbo Fan Goggle


Pros: No fog, good lens

Cons: The strap adjustment/buckle placement makes it difficult to fit helmet strap

 There is sooooooo much more to this story than skiing goggles.
A very long time ago(I want to say 17 years ago) my husband bought some goggles to ride dirtbike that had a fan in them. He paid 98.00 for them and I nearly had a stroke. Back then decent dirtbike goggles could be had for 20.00.
He argued that, with his glasses he was fogging up all the time and these goggles would pay for themselves in busted dirt bike parts and his busted body because he'd quite hitting the trees if he could see.
He was right!! He quit hitting trees. His injuries reduced and his bike wasn't beaten up so badly. After that, I made it a point to see to it that he had/has a functioning pair of Smith Turbo Fan Goggles before dirtbiking season starts, which he, now, uses to ski as well.

Fast forward to Stowe 2007:
I'd never experienced powder like this. I know its not a big deal to those of you who get 2 ft at a time, but 18 inches was amazing to this Michigan girl.
First of all, I made a mistake of getting moisture in my Smith Anthem goggles at the beginning of the day. I like the Anthems which have an amazing lens for flat light, they fit my face well, and I like the peripheral vision they offer, but don't fit my helmet well. The moisture was a big no no to begin with, then I fell and my goggles got more snow and moisture in them. Now, frozen and zero visibility, I left my ESA Group to go get goggles.
On my way in, my phone rang, it was my husband, asking me how much fun I was having. I told him I was on a mission to get new goggles, to which he said, "Get the turbo goggles! You will never regret it!"

I did, $180!!!:
It nearly killed me to pay retail, at a ski resort, no less, but I was desperate and my husband urged me to take the leap.

I will NEVER wear a pair of goggles that don't have a fan again!!

The battery life is surprisingly long, with one AAA battery, I can get through most of the ski season if I remember to turn off the fan after a ski day.  That can be a problem because the fan is incredibly quiet and I forget that its on.
The only down side to these is the loss of peripheral vision(though its a minimal loss) that the Anthem offered.
I may play around with the lens because I'm not sure this lens is the best for the flat light we get in Michigan so often, but I know the fan keeps the moisture out and made the blind woman see!!!




Pros: The Fan

Cons: The Fan

Based on my other phenom fit and lenses are more than ok.
I have used an uvex goggle with a fan before (did not fit my helmet) and this should eliminate fog completely....
Well uh depending it does not freeze..
And it makes noise on your head. stupid enough a lot less when upside down but somehow skiing on the ceiling is difficult. Probably a bearing suspension issue. That is a bit of a shame.
But the lenses remain and i have a couple to try in shity conditions. 
Will not be used in sunny conditions...

Smith Phenom Turbo Fan Goggle

Fans are for fogies, right? Nope. The Smith Phenom Turbo Fan is a favorite of frontside and backcountry badasses alike just ask super-hucker Eric Hjorliefson and countless professional mountain guides if you don't believe us. Listed as one of SKIING Magazine's 82 must-have accessories, the Phenom Turbo Fan utilizes all of Smith's technological wizardry to provide you with fog-free vision, even after hiking up a ridgeline, goggles on, in a driving blizzard. The Fog-X permanent hydrophilic inner coating actually absorbs moisture before fog can form, while the 2-speed microelectric Turbo Fan (powered for 50 hours by a single AAA battery) spins silently, pulling air across the Carbonic dual-spherical lens even when you're standing still. Pro skiers and boarders use it, the U.S. military helped develop it, and Smith is the only one to offer it.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
LensDual-spherical Carbonic-X
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo, Smith ODX compatible
Ventilation2-speed microelectric Turbo Fan
Face SizeMedium
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: PH5EBK8, Color: Matte Black/Rc36, Size: One SizePH5EBK8715757280468
Style: PH5PMWT8, Color: Matte White/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizePH5PMWT8715757280444
Style: PH5ZWT8, Color: Matte White/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizePH5ZWT8715757280376
Style: PH5IBK8, Color: Matte Black/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizePH5IBK8715757280390
Style: PH5IWT8, Color: Matte White/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizePH5IWT8715757280413
Style: PH5EWT8, Color: Matte White/Rc36, Size: One SizePH5EWT8715757280475
Style: PH5PMBK8, Color: Matte Black/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizePH5PMBK8715757286309
Style: PH5ZBK8, Color: Matte Black/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizePH5ZBK8715757280208
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Skiing, Racing & Safety Accessories › Ski Goggles › Smith Phenom Turbo Fan Goggle