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Smith Phenom Goggle Reviews


Good goggle


Pros: Clarity, Light sense

Cons: Price

I've used these for a week now and have no qualms. I'm a firm believer in smith's spherical lenses after using these. The spherical lens get rid of any distortion you may notice in cheaper goggles, and the sensor mirror lens provides plenty of light for the low light days. They fit seemlessly with my smith helmet, like you would expect, and the strap stays secure. Not sure the little fog  do-hicky on the lens does, but it does its job. Have had no fog problems, even after I put the goggle under a hand drier then walked into -5 degree weather. While I like the look they are very much just a basic goggle, Smith I/O, Oakley Crowbars, and others all have a flair that these miss....
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Not for the heated up


Pros: compact and good fit, lenses

Cons: fogs up easily

 bought as a backup pair for the ordered phenom turbo, (which was delivered after this one so i had at least some goggles to work with my helmet. Changing lenses is not so easy on these but it is possible. for me these fog up to easily, the lens was ok (ignitor) but i have had better in crapy conditions.

Nice goggles... not really interchangeable


Pros: Solid build quality, comes in a wide variety of colors.

Cons: Painful lens changes. Slightly awkward fit with Giro helmet.

I was looking for some new goggles with interchangeable lenses, and these were recommended as a model that fits people with bigger heads/faces.  Got these on sale for a decent price. They're nice-looking goggles, and come in a bazillion colors, and you can certainly get a wide variety of Smith Optics lenses to put in them.  And they're bigger than some other goggles, so if average ones are too small, these could work for you. However, it is a HUGE pain to actually swap out the lenses on these things; you have to pry out SEVEN little pieces of plastic, then insert them back in with the new lens.  Also, a bit of a gaper gap when combined with a Giro helmet. If you don't care about swapping...
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Smith Phenom Goggle


Pros: Field of View, Clarity, Weight, Helmet Compatibility

Cons: Durability may be an issue - we'll see.

 Loved the first pair so much, I bought another for me and one for my wife.  These, along with the Smith Variant Brim helmet, make for the best headgear I've ever worn.