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Smith I/O Interchangeable Optics Spherical Series Goggles - Mirror Lens


Pros: Fast lens changes, looks good, great field of vision, usually comes with two lenses.

Cons: Pricey.

I got a pair of these after returning a pair of Smith Phenoms.  The I/Os have a very clever latch system that lets you swap out the lenses in about 30 seconds if you're quick, and there is a full range of replacement lenses available (from clear to to flat light to polarized glare-cutting, assuming Smith has them in stock).  Field of view is excellent, and the Smith lenses are top-notch.


The look is a little unique because of the 'frameless' setup, but they are well-made and IMO look good with most helmets.  No gap at all with a Giro G10.  The only knock I have in terms of fit/comfort is that the strap is a little short for a big-headed person who wants to wear a helmet.  (Smith makes an extender strap; I'm trying to find one in stock.)


Not cheap, but worth it if you want quick lens swap capability and good looks in a professional-quality ski goggle.


Pros: vapor clears out fast

Cons: airflow so fast my eyes water

The lens change system works well  and  it is easy to interchange lenses. The two lenses provided handle a nice range of lighting variables except bright days.

The cushion around the lens needs to be fuller for a better fit but it fits my larger shaped head ok enough but not as comfy as the Phenom .

I've used these for two seasons now and my words are still true. The lenses are still nice and scratch resistant obviously from hitting a lot of branches with them and I only have a couple scratches  expecting  to see much worse. The foam is too thin and is rolling off on both ends. This is a disappointment but the goggles are very good with a helmet although a strap extender would be a good idea. I would buy these again and use them very often but still regret the fact they used the foam thickness they did. a bit more cushion and these would be the best goggle available. Even without this it still might be.

Great frameless construction
Fits well with Sweet Protections Rooster helmet
No gap
Relatively cheap ( unique looks & construction, comes with 2 lenses )
Easy change of lens
High quality lenses ( better than oakley?)
Minimal fogging
Strap could be longer ( not a problem for me )


Pros: Easily changeable lens'

Cons: Strap connection in back makes it difficult to fasten helmet goggle strap.

 I am a fan of the Smith Turbo Fan Goggles, which I will always love, but I wanted a back up pair of goggles that offered a lens option for light changes that occur on the mountain.
Once again Smith proves to be an innovator in optics.  

I tried a few of the sizes because I have a small face, but opted for the standard size, which fits my face and Giro Fuse helmet nicely, while the fastener on the back of the goggle strap (which is the same on my Turbo Fan Goggles) makes it difficult to snap the helmet goggle strap.  The good news is that Smith offers an extension you can put on your goggle fastener to fit the helmet strap, which is worthwhile to pick up if you find one.

My first day out on the mountain with these I used the Sensor lens which is the lens that was in place when I got them.  With the changing light and varied terrain, I decided to change the lens during lunch.  The Ignitor lens is definitely going to serve me well and will likely be my "go to" lens for most of my skiing, while the Sensor lens will be the right option for super sunny days.

The new fashion colors available make it easy to personalize your look while giving you top level performance. 
For anyone who wonders how these work, check out this video from Smith

Smith definitely delivers!


Pros: Great clarity, easy to swap lenses, well presented/packaged, stylish, very fog resistant

Cons: Strap is slightly short with larger helmets.

This is a great goggle, it fits well with my Giro G10 around the face, no gaps. The box it comes in is solid and has vents to dry the goggles and a place to keep extra lenses. I have found the default sensor/ignitor lens pretty much cover everything so I haven't purchased any additional lenses yet.

Had a day recently where it whited out, cleared to blue, whited out etc etc and I probably swapped lenses 4-5 times on or by the lifts and it was no hassle to do so, pretty quick and easy after you've done it once.

Strap is barely long enough for using with a larger size helmet (my G10 is a L). Initially I thought it might need swapping out for a longer one but I gave it a good stretching and it is quite snug but not uncomfortable now.


Amazing goggles.


Super easy to change anywhere. Including on the hill - matter of seconds.


Great peripheral views


Best goggles I've ever owned.

Smith I/O Interchangeable Optics Spherical Series Goggles - Mirror Lens

Smith's sleek, rimless design matches up nicely with the ease of their interchangeable technology when you wear the I/O Interchangeable Optics Spherical Series Goggle. Oversized spherical lenses curve like the natural shape of your eye to provide optimal visual clarity when you ride. The quick release lens system makes it easy to change out lenses depending on the weather and which lens works best in certain conditions. Smith uses their Vaporator lens technology on the I/O to keep fog off your lenses for crystal clear sight on the mountain.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
LensSpherical, carbonic-X with TLT Optics
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
Face SizeMedium- Large
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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