Smith Holt Park Helmet

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Smith Holt Park Helmet

You have to protect your skull while you progress, but no one wants to wear some goofy-ass helmet that makes you look like an extra from some B-movie about alien invaders. Smith's Holt Park Helmet gives you classic skate-minimalist style in a snow-ready package. The Holt Park is best suited for days when you have at least a little bit of mercury showing in the thermometer, but it's not warm enough for a summer helmet.

Recommended UseRipping park
Weight15.8oz (448g)
Material[Shell] plastic
Ventilation14 Vents
AdjustabilitySlidelock chin
CertificationASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 Class B, CPSC
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Blush, Size: XSH01-HPBUXS715757340445
Color: Blush, Size: XLH01-HPBUXL715757340483
Color: Blush, Size: SH01-HPBUSM715757340452
Color: Blush, Size: MH01-HPBUMD715757340469
Color: White, Size: XLH01-HPWTXL715757340384
Color: Neon Green, Size: XLH01-HPNGXL715757340438
Color: Neon Green, Size: SH01-HPNGSM715757340407
Color: Neon Green, Size: MH01-HPNGMD715757340414
Color: Neon Green, Size: LH01-HPNGLG715757340421
Color: Blush, Size: LH01-HPBULG715757340476
Color: Black, Size: XSH01-HPBKXS715757340292
Color: White, Size: XSH01-HPWTXS
Color: White, Size: SH01-HPWTSM715757340353
Color: White, Size: MH01-HPWTMD715757340360
Color: White, Size: LH01-HPWTLG715757340377
Color: Neon Green, Size: XSH01-HPNGXS715757340391
Color: Black, Size: XLH01-HPBKXL715757340339
Color: Black, Size: SH01-HPBKSM715757340308
Color: Black, Size: MH01-HPBKMD715757340315
Color: Black, Size: LH01-HPBKLG715757340322