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Smith Heiress Goggle

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Smith Heiress Goggle

The new Smith Heiress Goggle must have had a wealthy relative kick the bucket recently, because it brings a massive fortune of style and performance to your ski and board experience. The spherical Carbonic-X polycarbonate lens is shatter, scratch, and fog resistant like none other, and receives further aid from Smith's patented Regulator adjustable ventilation. Dual-layer foam with a fleece face lining keeps you smiling even in bitter peak winds, and a multitude of design, color, and lens tint options let you pick the perfect pair.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
StrapElastic w/ fast clip
LensCarbonic-X Polycarbonate
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
VentilationRegulator adjustable
Face SizeSmall to Medium
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: HR6IWS8, Color: White Southbeach/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6IWS8715757280796
Style: HR6ZWI8, Color: White Intersection/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZWI8715757280758
Style: HR6PMWI8, Color: White Intersection/Platinum Mirr, Size: One SizeHR6PMWI8715757286378
Style: HR6IWI8, Color: White Intersection/Ignitor Mirro, Size: One SizeHR6IWI8715757280765
Style: HR6ZBG8, Color: Smoky Blue Garden/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZBG8715757280949
Style: HR6IBG8, Color: Smoky Blue Garden/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6IBG8715757280956
Style: HR6PMFA8, Color: 5th Ave Special Edition/Platin, Size: One SizeHR6PMFA8715757289249
Style: HR6IFA8, Color: 5th Ave Special Edition/Ignito, Size: One SizeHR6IFA8715757289256
Style: HR6GMFA8, Color: 5th Ave Special Edition/Gold S, Size: One SizeHR6GMFA8715757289232
Style: HR6ZRG8, Color: Raspberry Garden/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZRG8715757280994
Style: HR6ZLL8, Color: Lavender Lilly Pond/Sensor Mirro, Size: One SizeHR6ZLL8715757286392
Style: HR6ILL8, Color: Lavender Lilly Pond/Ignitor Mirr, Size: One SizeHR6ILL8715757281045
Style: HR6PMZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6PMZL8715757281168
Style: HR6IZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6IZL8715757281144
Style: HR6GMZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Gold Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6GMZL8715757281182
Style: HR6PMBD8, Color: Blue Delft/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6PMBD8715757280932
Style: HR6PMKS8, Color: Black Southbeach/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6PMKS8715757280840
Style: HR6IKS8, Color: Black Southbeach/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6IKS8715757280833
Style: HR6ZKI8, Color: Black Intersection/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZKI8715757280260
Style: HR6PMKI8, Color: Black Intersection/Platinum Mirr, Size: One SizeHR6PMKI8715757280734
Style: HR6ZBD8, Color: Blue Delft/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZBD8715757280895
Style: HR6ZKS8, Color: Black Southbeach/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZKS8715757280819
Style: HR6IKD8, Color: Blue/Black/White Dots/Ignitor Mi, Size: One SizeHR6IKD8715757281106
Style: HR6PMKD8, Color: Blue/Black/White Dots/Platinum M, Size: One SizeHR6PMKD8715757281113
Style: HR6ZKD8, Color: Blue/Black/White Dots/Sensor Mir, Size: One SizeHR6ZKD8715757302818
Style: HR6IBD8, Color: Blue Delft/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6IBD8715757280918
Style: HR6ZZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZZL8715757281137
Style: HR6PMLL8, Color: Lavender Lilly Pond/Platinum Mir, Size: One SizeHR6PMLL8715757281069
Style: HR6IRG8, Color: Raspberry Garden/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6IRG8715757281007
Style: HR6PMRG8, Color: Raspberry Garden/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6PMRG8715757281014
Style: HR6ZFA8, Color: 5th Ave Special Edition/Sensor, Size: One SizeHR6ZFA8715757281083
Style: HR6PMBG8, Color: Smoky Blue Garden/Platinum Mirro, Size: One SizeHR6PMBG8715757280970
Style: HR6PMWS8, Color: White Southbeach/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6PMWS8715757280802
Style: HR6ZWS8, Color: White Southbeach/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeHR6ZWS8715757280789
Style: HR6IKI8, Color: Black Intersection/Ignitor Mirro, Size: One SizeHR6IKI8715757280727