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Smith Anthem Goggle

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Smith Anthem Goggle

All superheroes have amazing visual capabilities and if you're ready to kick your ski or boarding skills up a notch, the Smith Anthem Goggle just could be your magic feather, so to speak. Anatomically engineered for a woman's facial features and face size, the Anthem Goggle rests softly on your face and blocks cold air and moisture. And Smith's Vaporator lens technology isn't just a cool-sounding term it means that built-in airflow regulation keeps your lenses incredibly fog-free. Spherical Carbonic-X lenses make your vision so clear, you ski like Batman. Or like he would, if he skied, which maybe he does.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
StrapElastic, clip buckle in back
LensCarbonic-X with TLT Optics
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
VentilationYes, top slides
Face SizeSmall, medium
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: AN6IRI8, Color: Raspberry Intersection/Ignitor M, Size: One SizeAN6IRI8715757280611
Style: AN6IBG8, Color: Smoky Blue Garden/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6IBG8715757280543
Style: AN6PMWI8, Color: White Intersection/Platinum Mirr, Size: One SizeAN6PMWI8715757280437
Style: AN6IWI8, Color: White Intersection/Ignitor Mirro, Size: One SizeAN6IWI8715757280420
Style: AN6EKI8, Color: Black Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeAN6EKI8715757286293
Style: AN6PMKI8, Color: Black Intersection/Platinum Mirr, Size: One SizeAN6PMKI8715757280406
Style: AN6ZKI8, Color: Black Intersection/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ZKI8715757280253
Style: AN6GMZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Gold Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6GMZL8715757286323
Style: AN6IZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6IZL8715757280499
Style: AN6PMZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6PMZL8715757280512
Style: AN6ZZL8, Color: Bronze Leaves/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ZZL8715757280338
Style: AN6ILD8, Color: Lavender Delft/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ILD8715757280567
Style: AN6PMLD8, Color: Lavender Delft/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6PMLD8715757280581
Style: AN6ZLD8, Color: Lavender Delft/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ZLD8715757280352
Style: AN6PMRI8, Color: Raspberry Intersection/Platinum, Size: One SizeAN6PMRI8715757280628
Style: AN6ZRI8, Color: Raspberry Intersection/Sensor Mi, Size: One SizeAN6ZRI8715757286286
Style: AN6PMBG8, Color: Smoky Blue Garden/Platinum Mirro, Size: One SizeAN6PMBG8715757286347
Style: AN6ZBG8, Color: Smoky Blue Garden/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ZBG8715757280345
Style: AN6EWI8, Color: White Intersection/Rc36, Size: One SizeAN6EWI8715757280451
Style: AN6ZWI8, Color: White Intersection/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ZWI8715757280314
Style: AN6IWS8, Color: White Southbeach/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6IWS8715757280598
Style: AN6PMWS8, Color: White Southbeach/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6PMWS8715757280604
Style: AN6ZWS8, Color: White Southbeach/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ZWS8715757280369
Style: AN6IYL8, Color: Yellow Leaves/Ignitor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6IYL8715757286316
Style: AN6PMYL8, Color: Yellow Leaves/Platinum Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6PMYL8715757280482
Style: AN6ZYL8, Color: Yellow Leaves/Sensor Mirror, Size: One SizeAN6ZYL8715757280321
Style: AN6IKI8, Color: Black Intersection/Ignitor Mirro, Size: One SizeAN6IKI8715757280383