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Smartwool Spring Glove


Pros: Well built, just the right amount of warmth

Cons: Unisex sizing a little tough to figure out

For years, I looked for a lightweight, lightly insulated glove for those late-season days when a regular ski glove provides too much warmth. I tried products from a range of manufacturers. And in the end, the best I found comes from a big name in base layers, Smartwool.


The Smartwool Spring Gloves pack a bunch of cool features into a compact package. The fingers and palm are constructed from a waterproof leather. Water beads up and rolls right off. The company backs the thumb with suede (more comfortable for wiping your nose or the granola bar crumbs from the corners of your mouth). The back of the glove is stretch nylon for ease of movement. And the wrist panel wraps around your hand and uses hook and loop to cinch down tightly under the cuff of your jacket.

Overall, I'm really impressed with these Smartwool gloves.  There's a more complete review and some pictures on my blog GearGuide


Pros: High-quality construction, Excellent breathability, Excellent durability

Cons: Price

A little pricey, but by far the best high-quality "Spring" ski glove I have found.


The palm/fingers are soft leather, which is super-grippy and holds up well to skiing-related abuse.  The back of the hand is a breathable nylon mesh, giving the gloves excellent ventilation and allowing any moisture or sweat to quickly evaporate.  The liner is 100% superfine merino "Smartwool", which is very comfortable and wicks moisture.  The gloves are warm enough to use down to maybe 25 degrees F if it's not windy.  They are not particularly waterproof or windproof, but because they breathe well, they will dry quickly if your hands do get wet.


I work as an instructor part-time at Wachusett Mountain, and a whole bunch of the instructors there use these gloves in warm weather, which should be a pretty good endorsement.  (It helps that they sell Smartwool in the shop and we get employee discounts, to be fair.)

Smartwool Spring Glove

Lightweight unisex gloves with leather palm and fingers, stretch nylon panels on wrist and back of hand, 100% SmartWool inner liner, nose-wipe thumb panel, and adjustable hook & loop wrist strap.

MaterialLeather/Nylon exterior, Merino Wool liner
Removable LinerNo
Additional Info
InsulationMerino Wool (lightweight)
Goggle WipeYes
Nose WipeYes
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Ski Clothing › Ski Gloves › Smartwool Spring Glove