Skiing With Demons - The Morzine Chalet Project Reviews


Essential read for anyone wanting to live their dream of a life in the mountains - brilliant!


Pros: Laugh-out-loud funny, well written and extremely funny yet objective look at life as an aging ski bum in France

Cons: Those who have not stayed in an Alpine Ski Chalet might not relate, or those not yet at midlife-crisis age.

A really entertaining and easy read. For anyone who's been on skiing trips to the Alps, this will transport you back to those heroic days on the slopes and 'all-conquering' nights in the bar... and make you realise what your chalet host really thought of you! Thankfully, the witty, sometimes acidly funny observations are directed as much at the author as his guests, as he reflects incredibly honestly on the frailties and emotions which contributed to and accompanied him on the journey into and out of a mid-life crisis. The story of the 'journey' has enough reflective quality to make you think - but happily, it's mixed in with lots of snow, lots of skiing and lots of laughs. Chris thinks...
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