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What happened to this business?


Pros: Established reputation among skiers

Cons: Business became a fraud?

I own a classic boot bag from Hot Gear since about 10 years. It is a great product, well made, solid, works as expected and I hope to get many more years of use out of it. This business was founded by Ivan Petkov from Aspen who reportedly was a respected member of the community, a ski instructor, and an inventor. It was reported in the media that he lost a battle with cancer a few years back. The business changed ownership and apparently degraded. I ordered a double boot bag, a unique item available only directly from the manufacturer, in the early December of 2016. My credit card was charged; from that point on there was only silence. No shipping time estimate or shipping confirmation...
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Ice Queen

Reliability problems


Pros: great when it works

Cons: heating element failed twice, hard to get service

I got one of these a few years ago for Christmas. When it works, it's phenomenal. However, my bag worked once or twice before the heating element failed. It was a hassle to get it replaced (the company that makes them is out of the country), but I did get a new bag and it worked for a season and a half, at which point it died again. That is its current state, as I couldn't find anyone who could repair it in the U.S. (last season) and haven't gotten around to trying to get a new heating element via mail order. One shop in Stowe last year said they were planning to carry the bags this year, so I'll try them this year. It looks to me like buying a new heating element is about as much as...
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Warranty from Hot Gear

Hy , this is Ivan Petkov the founder of Hot Gear. I really thank you for the great reviews of and comments. I also take at hard and try to solve problems with our bag. i want everyone to use them and be happy with the support. However as a small company and new product we have a hard time to convince the dealers to carry spare parts. We work very hard on warranty the product and to improve the technology. The heating element is very well made now and we also changed the 12/V plug with much better. We also try to keep up with the demand but we still run out of sear parts. This year we are bringing considerable amount of spear parts and will be able to deliver all orders no later...
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Pros: Wonderful when it works - Hotgear sent a new heating element no questions asked.

********** February 17, 2016 UPDATE ************ So I received a new heating element from Hotgear no questions asked, installed it and I have a an awesome fully functioning heated bag again.  The bag does work really well.      *********** February 9, 2016 UPDATE ********* After getting voicemail for a week and all of my emails going unanswered, I actually spoke with someone on the phone today.  I figured I would try one more time and called again and a woman named Viviana answered who couldn't be more helpful.  I emailed her a copy of my receipt from my purchase and she said she would put a new heating element in the mail today.  I will update the...
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Seth Masia

Great to have -- and what to do when the heating element fails


Pros: Indispensable item

Cons: 110v heating element lasts a couple of seasons

I can't live without this product -- stiff boots must be warmed above room temperature in order to get them on, and then they hold heat halfway through a morning of comfy skiing. Warm the boots overnight on the 110vac cord and then use the 12vdc cord in the car on the way up to the hill, and you're set to go.   I have two bags -- the original plain-vanilla unit I got when they first came out, around 10 years ago I think. And the fancy backpack style with a zillion pockets for stuff. In addition to the boots, it will hold helmet and goggles, several pairs of gloves, neck gaiter, parka, some tools and wax, etc -- everything I need at the hill except skis and poles.    I...
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Loving It


Pros: Toasty feet in the morning

Cons: None

After 30+ years of skiing, I discovered HGB and loving it.  The Pro version has the most pockets to carry stuffs.  The helmet compartment is a great idea!   Thanks Ivan for the great hot bag and it was very nice meeting and speaking to you in person.  Btw, the young ladies working in the office are HOT! 
Ridge Hippie

The only way to go with stiff boots


Pros: Great way to dry and warm boots

Cons: none

I have had a Hot Gear bag for two seasons and think it is a mandatory piece of equipment. I have boots that are hard to get on unless they are warm so this is the perfect answer. It works on 12 volt in the car or 110 at home. The 110 volt system has several heat settings so if I forget to plug it in the night before I turn it on high and it warms the boots before I am out the door.

Hot Gear Boot Bag


Pros: The bag

Cons: The size

This has been an amazing addition to my ski gear. I love the warm shells that I can easily slip into at the start of the day. Like others, it makes my snug fitting boots a dream to put on. I too now only have pain (from the shell) when taking my boots off at the end of the day.  I have not had any issues with using the bag in both the car and house. I drive up to ski with the bag plugged in and when I stay with friends, I just plug the bag in overnight.  The only issue I have (minor) is the size of the bag. I also ski with a backpack (water, lunch, snacks, camera) and can be difficult to take public transport with both backpacks, skis & a helmet.  Thank you for...
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No more cold plastic torture


Pros: Makes a very difficult boot easy to put on. Two power supplies are very njice too.

Cons: None so far

  For the skier with stiff boots and a tight fit, this is the only way to get a boot on in the morning without pain.  This makes skiing easy again.  I was ready to abandon my Langes except on race days.  Now I can wear these properly fitted boots every day.  The only hassle I have now is getting them off at the end of the day.  I can live with that.  I bought these just before last winter and have had no problems.   I still let the boots dry during the evening and then put them in the bag just before going to bed.  This is long enough to get them up to temperature by morning.  The cabin is a half-hour from some places I ski,...
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The BEST Piece of Equipment I've ever OWNED!!


Pros: Warm boots!

Cons: None

I love this thing!  It's a please pleasure slipping into my WARM boots in the morning.  This is THE BEST GIFT for the skier who has everything.  Throw your damp stuff in at the end of the day and it's dry and toasty in the morning. It's worth twice the price!

Hot Gear Bag


Pros: I can get my boots on without leaving under the car heater.

Cons: The quality of the car plug was quite poor but newer ones seem to have been improved.

As Weems said, this bag does it all. I do tend to fill it to full and above but that is just my nature. Boy Scout! I "stole" it at a 1/2 price sale but after owning it would gladly pay full price. My boots(racing variety) have always been a major struggle to get into if cold.(I wish I could put them in the bag,for heat, to take them off.) The only thing I have been disappointed in is the car  plug. Very poor quality; overheated and destroyed itself. Dealer got replacement plug for me from mfg.    Great dealer move. Thank you!!