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Ski Tips 4: Ski Bumps

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Ski Tips 4: Ski Bumps

At last! A video that teaches you how to ski all the different types of moguls skiers often encounter. Part one shows you techniques to ski normal, slushy, chopped off and large steep, icy moguls safely. Part two shows you how to ski the bumps like the experts. Learn to start your turns easily, finish your turns safely, slow down, regain control and "hotdog" the bumps. In addition, there are some helpful fitness tips to keep you in shape for the moguls. It's all explained in clear, understandable terms using modern graphics, slow motion images and freeze frames to illustrate the key points. Part One: Skiing Moguls Safely. What are moguls? Fitness training, Overcoming fear, Turning over moguls, Turning around moguls, Stem turns for moguls, Starting turns easily, Foot swivelling, Isolated body movements, Common faults, Controlled turns, Icy moguls, Slush bumps, Chopped off moguls and Safety tips. Absorbing moguls, Quick turns, Pole planting, Choosing ski lines, Independent leg action, Recovering balance, Regaining control and Rhythm .

FeatureUnderstandable terms using modern graphics
LabelMartin Heckelman
List Price$19.95
ManufacturerMartin Heckelman
Product GroupDVD
Product Type NameABIS_DVD
PublisherMartin Heckelman
StudioMartin Heckelman
TitleSki Tips 4: Ski Bumps
Release Date2004-09-28
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Aspect Ratio1.33:1
Audience RatingNR (Not Rated)
Region Code1
Running Time60
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