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Ski the Whole Mountain: How to Ski Any Condition at Any Time Reviews


Great book for advanced skiers


Pros: Covers lots of advanced technique

Cons: Not for beginners

I found this book to be a very enjoyable read, and very useful for an experienced skier looking to hone his or her technique in variable snow conditions. I applied what I read here about skiing in crud, and found it made an immediate improvement in my skiing. The book covers a full range of more advanced skiing such as powder, crud, moguls, steeps, trees, and even hucking cliffs. The book focuses on applying consistent technique for all these challenges, with small refinements for different types of terrain. If you're a good skier but feel like you've hit a plateau in your skiing, or lack confidence in more challenging terrain, this book is for you.

Unusual Book


Pros: Short lessons, key focus, and interesting exercises

Cons: not really for a beginner

This is actually an unusual book in that, they mix their teaching with stories of their exploits. Interesting folks, big name ski movie genre dudes. Their exposition is actually far better than I expected, and some of their key observations are worth internalizing. Again, in my view this book is best used by intermediates and experts looking to get better, though beginners can learn a lot from it too. One drawback, the book I believe is out of print, so unless you can snag a copy cheap or borrow from someone or a library, it costs an arm and a leg.