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Ski Sundown Reviews

Positive Reviews


Good for the family


Pros: Nice contained area. 4 hour anytime pass.

Cons: Small.

A nice little ski area.  Easily accessible from all corners of CT. Gotta love their 4 hour pass. My kids like the area because it can keep them occupied whether skiing or snowboarding.  I like it too.   Probably best for 1 or 2 day trip.  Anything over that, and you would not find any new trails to ski / snowboard.

Negative Reviews


Taught here for 3 years in High School


Pros: Close (if you're in NW CT), good snowmaking, it's skiing, surprisingly "steep" for such a small hill, night skiing

Cons: Tiny, expensive for what it is, often open when it shouldn't be

This is where I learned to ski, where I skied after school through elementary school and middle school, and where I taught (PSIA level 1) in High school. Now, don't get me wrong.  It's tiny.  625' vertical (they claim), longest run 1 mile (because 1/2 of it is dead flat and requires skating), and all the runs filter into a big mixing bowl of crazy at the bottom.  There's tons of glare ice (especially on Gunbarrel and NorEaster once it gets skied off), the bumps on Gunbarrel are always randomly placed icebergs. That said, it's a great area to learn to ski - the instructors are mostly there because they love to ski (trust me when I say it's NOT for the money!).  It's steep enough and long...
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