Ski Mojo Knee Support

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Ski Mojo Knee Support

What is it? ski~mojo is a skiing suspension system that supports the skier by off-loading some of their weight through the shell of their ski-boots, typically reducing the stresses that the knees are subjected to by 1/3rd . The ski~mojo has been developed over many years to work in harmony with the body’s natural articulation, so that it does not interfere with correct skiing technique. How does it work? Two Neoprene knee supports that have powerful spring-loaded hinges in them connect a strap underneath your backside to your ski boots – all worn discreetly under your ski pants: The spring-loaded hinges support you and store energy as you flex your knees; they then support you as you straighten your legs by releasing the stored energy. The design ensures that there is no restriction to movement within the range required to ski. You do not have to work against the springs, they simply store then release free energy created by gravity. When you are not on your skis you simply disengage the springs by means of a couple of easily accessible “triggers”. What does it do? • It typically off-loads 1/3rd of the load from your legs and knees (on recommended settings). • Reduces the shock, jarring and vibration to your whole body - especially knees • Encourages you into a good position for skiing • Presses your skis on to the snow improving control What are the benefits? • Ski without getting tired • Ski longer each day • Ski to a greater age • Get more value from your ski-pass • Ski more confidently with greater stability • Ski with little or no knee pain • Ski with little or no “Thigh-burn” • Ski with more control • Ski safely - Other than the usual bumps and bruises associated with skiing - Feed-back from our customer surveys to-date have not reported any accidents or injury when skiing using the ski~mojo other than those where the user believes their injuries would have been far worse if they had not been wearing the ski~mojo. One of the worlds leading ski physicians believes that while wearing the ski~mojo it is all but impossible to rupture your ACL from a “Phantom Foot Fall” the most common type of skiing knee injury resulting from the most common type of fall. Who uses it? Thousands of skiers of all ages and abilities, but the majority of users have “knee issues”, as the best way to cope with most knee issues is to reduce the load that the knee is subjected to. User knee issues range from:- teenagers with Osgood-Schlatters, someone with no ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) or re-built ACL, bone-on-bone, Arthritis, femoral patella tracking to double TKR (Total Knee Replacement). Some have skied a few days - some have skied all their lives and competed for their national team at the Olympics. However, there are more and more skiers (including racers) without any leg or knee issues who realise that the ski~mojo enhances their skiing ability – enabling them to ski longer and faster with more control and less risk of injury. How do you set it up? 1. Adjust the Spring Tension to your weight (3mm Allen Key Provided) 2. Adjust Posture-Strap Harness to your size (Velcro) 3. Fit attachments on to boots (Clamp-on using the 3mm Allen) 4. Set telescopic rods to length (Twist’n’Lock) How do you put it On? 1. Step into the Posture-Strap Harness - Buckle-Up. 2. Put on the two Neoprene Knee-supports – Velcro straps. 3. Connect to Posture-Strap – (poppers) and Boots – (click-In)! Summary:- It makes skiing easier and safer what ever your age or ability level

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