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A Review On: ski boots US 11 men's Alpina One 12 Expert high performance RACE foam ski boots 29 NEW

ski boots US 11 men's Alpina One 12 Expert high performance RACE foam ski boots 29 NEW

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Basil J
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Pros: Great fit, comfortable, very good value

Cons: Aluminum Buckles bend easily, boots are a little heavy

Been skiing different renditions of Alpina race boots for over 15 years now and they never disappoint! I get these out at Strands in Worcester MA, (Leif is a great boot fitter). I typically ski 35-50 days a year and Alpinas' usually last me a good 4 seasons before I need to upgrade them. The One 12 is a bit of a roomier shell than the last Alpina race boot I had but because they have foam injected liners and custom footbeds that come with the boot as standard accessories, the fit is always perfect. These boots have a 130 flex so they really make a better all mountain boot than a hardcore race boot. I don't race, but I do run gates on occasion and these boots are fine. Great feel from boot to ski to snow, Power and movement is transmitted nicely to the ski. The liners stay very true to fit over the season and after 3 seasons on these they have yet to pack out or break down. This is a great boot for someone with a narrow foot and good arch. I have tried on Langes, Nordicas and Head race boots and the Alpina is very comparable in fit & flex. At under $500.00 with foam liners and footbeds, this is the best kept secret in ski boots going. The new version looks to be the same boot with a new red color and improved liner. The only negative is that the buckles are soft and have bent on a few falls. They bend back easily but it is more of a pain than anything else. I have yet to find a better boot for the money! This is my 4th pair of Alpina "race" boots and every version has been excellent!

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Nice review.
Here my feed back on the red ONE 12. I wouldn't put them in the race cat. The 12 stand for 120 flex which how it felt to me. I didn't have any problem with buckles. what I did have problems with was the power strap. The loop broke so I replaced them with Booster Strap. My pair didn't come with custom footbeds, I had my only. (I did get the foam injected liner.) The pricing on these boots are great and you get great boot.
The one thing that make the fit so good is the instep buckle. The way it is attached to the shell make it so when you tighten down the shell doesn't flat out over the instep. The buckle itself is attached to a separte piece of plastic which is attached down close to the bottom of the shell.
This boot is being replaced my the X Thor 12 for next season (12-13)