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Ski Apache Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: Close to TX, Friendly staff, Awesome Demo rentals at the Mountain, Great Town plenty of fun, Lots of Runs Steeps, to bunny trails, Sno makers.

Cons: Dependant on snow In the Southwest US. Can be tough on Apache

My family and I have been skiing here for 40 years. We own a house in the upper canyon. First let me say Ruidoso/ Ski Apache is very dependant on southern snow storms that at time can be few and far between. That being said anyone can watch the weather channel and plan accordingly. So I hate the reviews that give the mountain a bunch of bad smack. It's Ruidoso not VAIL, Banff, or Aspen. Ski apache has never tried to be. It is a neatly tucked away Gem to people from TX, OK, Ari, CO, and MX. There is a very diverse crowd here during the holidays like most places. There are a ot of 1st timers who dont know politness on the slopes. But, honestly that happens everywhere. People are...
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Negative Reviews

Tim Pitz

Worst Snowboarding Experience


Pros: None

Cons: Poor customer service, poor snow, over priced, no refunds

I went to Ski Apache for the first and last time today. Luckily for me I just had to drive 1.5 hrs to get there so I didn't lose more than $80 to this failure of a ski resort. When we arrived it turned out only the bunny slope and the smallest run were open. We didn't expect much from this place from the beginning so we decided to do it anyway and gave them around $73 for lift ticket and board rental. The boards were in poor condition, my friends had to get the bindings tightened back down to the board, they were old and worn out and definitely not worth the $33 we paid for them. Went down the only slope that was open twice and the snow was basically slushy ice. Still at this point we...
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Wonderful and Terrible


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Crowded, Unpredictable Snow, Too many Gapers.

Ski Apache is awesome during weekdays and when they have snow. Good snow comes onve every 3 years. Weekends the mountain is so crowded with Gapers quality skiing is almost impossible. Brush up on your spanish. Seems half the mountain is Mexican Nationals who have never seen snow. Apache bowl is great when open and usually no lift line, but multiple years it hasnt been opened.

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Pretty good


Pros: good downhill terrain

Cons: icy snow

liked ot but they have no child care and the green blue black diamond difficulties are overrated

Ski Apache, have ski'd it all my life


Pros: Its the closest run to my home. The trees are ok.

Cons: Unfriendly, expensive, dangerous

On a powder day, Its great but I ski level 7 or 8.  For a beginner its a death trap.  The ski school is overpriced short and not designed for kids at all. Took my 9 year old they charged me for the lesson 10 to 11:30, a ticket, and rentals.  Its a la cart baby. It cost me more than I pay in Taos for an all day with lunch, lift, and equipment included.  Her ski instructor by the way was excellent he did a great job, they had put her in a class way below her level and he cut her out and took her to some great runs and gave a good lesson. No enforcement of slow skiing zones.  Have watched out of control beginners slam into the lift line on the beginner slope numerous times. Lift operators...
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