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Albuquerque International Sunport

Airlines operating from Albuquerque include American, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Great Lakes, New Mexico Airlines, Southwest, United and US Air.



Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range



Offering condos, cabins and vacation home rentals. Two night minimum. Extra person charges may apply $150 and up

Inn of The Mountain Gods


273 luxury rooms and suites offering indoor pool, fitness center and Internet access in the lobby.  Several restaurants on site.  Extra person charges may apply $99 and up 

Mountain Air Cabins


Convenient location offering 1,2 and 3 bedroom cabins.


Extra person charges may apply $80 and up

Rivers Edge located at 2404 Sudderth Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345.
Cornerstone Bakery & Cafe Co. located at 359 Sudderth Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345.



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Ski Apache

Ski Apache first opened in 1962 as Sierra Blanca. The name was changed to Ski Apache in the mid 1980's. Located in south central New Mexico, Ski Apache is the closest major ski area to Texas, and road trips from Dallas, San Antonio and El Paso are a Lone Star State tradition. Despite its southerly location, Ski Apache benefits from a very high elevation and good snowfall. The town of Ruidoso, 18 miles southeast of the resort, offers a variety of lodging choices from modestly priced motels and cabins to the world class Inn of the Mountain Gods (there is no slopeside lodging at the resort). For RVer's there are campgrounds with good year round accessibility. Round trip shuttle service is available between Ski Apache and Ruidoso.

Snow making percent33%
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Magic carpet
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Poma
Lifts-Surface Lifts-T bar
Lifts-Surface Lifts-J bar
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Single
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-High speed quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Five person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Eight person
Lifts-Coggle train
Lifts-Total number of lifts11
Lifts-Total lift capacity
Trails-4-Expert only
Trails-5-Terrain park
Trails-6-Half pipe
Runs-Steepest run
Runs-Longest run
General-Base elevation
General-Vertical drop1900'
General-Mountain range
General-Annual skier visits
General-Back country access
General-Total area in bounds750 acres
General-Snow making coverage
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: None

Cons: Poor customer service, poor snow, over priced, no refunds

I went to Ski Apache for the first and last time today. Luckily for me I just had to drive 1.5 hrs to get there so I didn't lose more than $80 to this failure of a ski resort. When we arrived it turned out only the bunny slope and the smallest run were open. We didn't expect much from this place from the beginning so we decided to do it anyway and gave them around $73 for lift ticket and board rental. The boards were in poor condition, my friends had to get the bindings tightened back down to the board, they were old and worn out and definitely not worth the $33 we paid for them. Went down the only slope that was open twice and the snow was basically slushy ice. Still at this point we were staying optimistic just to get to snowboard at all. Half way up the lift for the 3rd time and it shuts down and we get stuck on it for about 30 minutes. At that point people were walking up the hill to snowboard because there was nothing else open. They finally get everyone off the lift and 30 more minutes pass when we decide instead of going to eat a hamburger at their cafe for $15 we'll just get what refund we can and call it a day. When we asked if there was any refund policy they talked to us like we were crazy. So we ended up biting the bullet and just taking the loss rather than walking up a hill to try to snowboard back down a couple times. The whole thing seems like its set up to disappoint you and push you to go to their casino instead. If I had gotten at least a partial refund I may have given it another try later in the seasons but I won't be duped twice.


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Crowded, Unpredictable Snow, Too many Gapers.

Ski Apache is awesome during weekdays and when they have snow. Good snow comes onve every 3 years. Weekends the mountain is so crowded with Gapers quality skiing is almost impossible. Brush up on your spanish. Seems half the mountain is Mexican Nationals who have never seen snow. Apache bowl is great when open and usually no lift line, but multiple years it hasnt been opened.


Pros: Close to TX, Friendly staff, Awesome Demo rentals at the Mountain, Great Town plenty of fun, Lots of Runs Steeps, to bunny trails, Sno makers.

Cons: Dependant on snow In the Southwest US. Can be tough on Apache

My family and I have been skiing here for 40 years. We own a house in the upper canyon. First let me say Ruidoso/ Ski Apache is very dependant on southern snow storms that at time can be few and far between. That being said anyone can watch the weather channel and plan accordingly. So I hate the reviews that give the mountain a bunch of bad smack. It's Ruidoso not VAIL, Banff, or Aspen. Ski apache has never tried to be. It is a neatly tucked away Gem to people from TX, OK, Ari, CO, and MX. There is a very diverse crowd here during the holidays like most places. There are a ot of 1st timers who dont know politness on the slopes. But, honestly that happens everywhere. People are excited and just trying to get as many runs as they can. Also its the holidays, its going to be crowded. Stay at the top of the mountain and there is all the room you want and the beginners will stay away from here. There are plenty of Steeps that will challenge anyone. As far as POW watch the weather channel and dont gripe when its not here. If your a true skier you know that you have to chase POW that means chasing storms moving mountains. Its that simple. As far as the natives that run the mountain I have never had one bad experience with any of them. They are very helpfull and will explain anything or help you with anything. I have never seen it NOT happen. Some of the reviews I have seen seem say that these guys are terrible at the lifts. I have never heard one of these guys be rude. I have heard them tell people to pay attention, and advise them to not ski above their head. Many dont heed their advice and that would aggrivate anyone. Its their Job to keep control at the lifts and they do a hell of a job. I love this mountain and my family does too. We ski all over the west but Ruidoso is home. If you go to have fun you will, if you go expecting conseirge service you wont. WATCH the weather channel plan accordingly and have fun, We always do. 


Magnolia, Tx


Pros: good downhill terrain

Cons: icy snow

liked ot but they have no child care and the green blue black diamond difficulties are overrated


Pros: Its the closest run to my home. The trees are ok.

Cons: Unfriendly, expensive, dangerous

On a powder day, Its great but I ski level 7 or 8. 
For a beginner its a death trap.  The ski school is overpriced short and not designed for kids at all.
Took my 9 year old they charged me for the lesson 10 to 11:30, a ticket, and rentals.  Its a la cart baby.
It cost me more than I pay in Taos for an all day with lunch, lift, and equipment included.  Her ski instructor by the way was excellent he did a great job, they had put her in a class way below her level and he cut her out and took her to some great runs and gave a good lesson.

No enforcement of slow skiing zones. 
Have watched out of control beginners slam into the lift line on the beginner slope numerous times.

Lift operators are a danger to all, they just don't care.  They do not control the lines at all and on a busy day is a free for all to get on.  Lifts are antiquated and you are lucky if they are working.  When they are working they stop frequently because the operators let someone crash getting on.   Waited an hour last weekend for them to open the only lift going to the top, they had to clear snow and did not start until 1/2 hour after the lift was supposed to open.

The drive up the mountain is a nightmare and the drivers going up or down hill are suicidal, watched a impatient pick up truck race around myself and the truck in front of me on a blind curve and almost meet an uphill ambulance head on.  We had slowed down when we heard the siren.
The bartender in the lodge poured us the wrong drinks then refused to correct his mistake (on a good note I think they fired him over this).

On another good note at Ski Apache when you get snow you have a powder day or even a powder day and a half.  At a resort such as Taos you get a powder hour maybe two, the powder hounds magically appear whenever there is over 4 inches.

I will go on a weekday that is not a holiday and with recent good snow, otherwise I would rather drive another 4 hours to decent resort.