Silver Star Mountain Reviews


Ski the darkside


Pros: Good bump runs, steep north facing terrain, lots of good cruisers

Cons: Less snow than nearby Big White, no real "extreme" terrain

When visiting the Okanagan, I prefer to ski Silver Star. The whole backside of Silver Star will be interesting for strong skiers. The front side is a great place for intermediates.  The snow is better at Big White though, and it has more intermediate terrain. This might be worth checking out if you are in the Revelstoke area.

A great hill


Pros: great glades, nice back country, snow quality/quantity

Cons: limited shuttle access

 Last March I flipped a coin and Silver Star won over Big White. I wanted to get a taste of skiing the interior to contrast with Whistler. I found Silver Star to be a grat "small" hill. Well-groomed on piste runs compliment some great back country terrain 'round Backside.  I was fortunate to be there the day of a monster dump and in the company of some locals. Looking forward to my next visit this year!

Great Hill for the Whole Family


Pros: Family friendly, terrain for all levels, good snow, uncrowded slopes, great village and lodging, close to town

Cons: Sometimes has low coverage.

 Silver Star is one of my favorite places to ski.  The front side is a groomer skier's paradise with lots of wide, almost empty blue trails.  The back side (Putnam Creek) is a double diamond spectacular.  These are really steep, bumped up trails that are a great challenge to the advanced/expert crowd. The mountain is large and spread out, but the chair lift capacity is limited.  This means that the slopes are never crowded.  Putnam Creek is a very large area that in most places would be served by anywhere from two to four quads, but Silver Star has only one, and it is rarely crowded.  When you're emptied out at the top everyone soon disappears and you feel alone on the mountain. Lodging...
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Family Hill


Pros: Better Snow than Big White

Cons: Short runs, no vertical

I grew up skiing the valley here, and live less than 10 mins from SS. It's great if I want to just go ski for a couple hours, but when i'm doing serious skiing I go somewhere else. Contrary to what has been said, it gets the best snow in the Valley. This is a great hill if you have kids, a family hill. For the more advanced skier you'd best be heading to Sun Peaks. Silver Star has some real nice glades, and some real nice groomers but the more challenging backside is endless cat tracks and bumps. No real vertical, no real challenge. Again, if you have kids this is your spot.   Still better than Big White, which is a crusty windstorm 90% of the season.

Nice Mountain


Pros: Lots of lifts, Family friendly, Neat base area

Cons: Short runs, limited extreme terain

We skied this resort last week and found it to be a great little place with a lot of different runs and places to explore. There are a lot of different lifts to ride and areas to explore as well as more than a few dining options on the hill and at the base. The terrain park is great fun. If I were a kid or had a family then this would be a great place for a vacation.  The majority of the skiers that we came across were retirees or families.   Being a late 20s familyless guy coming from Revelstoke I found that the run length seemed to be only half as long as we are used to over here, and reminds me more of a Quebec or New York state sized resort rather than a big...
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Fun, Cute Resort


Pros: Fun terrain, Nice resort town

I felt like I was in a snow globe here :)  It's a precious little resort town.  Lots of fun, nice locals, great terrain.

My mountain


Pros: Great snow, ski ski out, Long John's Pub, civility

Cons: NOt aware of any

Before retirement we hit all of the big names in the western USA and Canada. First year of retirement we hit approximately 40 of lesser known hills.....including Silver Star. We went back for a week, next year 3 weeks and then made it our permanent winter home. We have since built a home large enough to hosue our children and their families. Love the place. The best moment will be this year when even our 3 year old gard daughter will be on the hill.



Pros: Light powder friendly quiet lots of locals and the few tourists are from all around the world.

Cons: Small village

This is my favourite mouintain. Ive been to whistler sun peaks big white and many more in that area. Silverstar is always the quietist and nicest. In my mind silverstar is bc's greatest secret.