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Serious Training for Endurance Athletes 2nd

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Serious Training for Endurance Athletes 2nd

Whether you swim, run, cycle, cross-country ski, or compete in multievents, SERIOUS Training for Serious Athletes is the tool you need to become the best possible endurance athlete. Use these 7 components of the SERIOUS system to enhance your training: Speed workouts Endurance or Easy Distance training Race/Pace sessions to test your fitness level Intervals of high-intensity workouts on flat terrain Overdistance sessions of prolonged, low-level activity for base building Up/Vertical intervals to enhance mental and physical toughness Strength workouts for overall and sport-specific conditioning SERIOUS Training for Serious Athletes shows you how to design a personalized year-round training plan by modifying the SERIOUS plan designed for your sport. You'll finally have a sure-fire method to reach peak racing condition safely and predictably. SERIOUS Training for Serious Athletes provides the coach, trainer and athlete with solid guidelines for designing personalized training programs. Author Rob Sleamaker has analyzed the world's best systems of endurance sport training and devised this program by combining the most effective elements of each. SERIOUS Training for Serious Athletes includes sport-specific training recommendations for cyclists, distance runners, swimmers, canoeists, biathletes, triathletes, and all other endurance athletes.

BrandHuman Kinetics
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TitleSerious Training for Endurance Athletes 2nd
AuthorRay Browning
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Publication Date1996-08-12
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