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Sena SPH10S Reviews


Sounds Clear to me


Pros: Clear sound quality

Cons: Controls are not intuitive(to me)

Helmet installed into: Giro Seam I've been using the Sena SPH10S for a couple months to try all features in different conditions.     Set up: Installation and pairing was easy which is a big plus for those who aren't as tech savvy and want the convenience of a blue tooth head set.    Use: During initial use, the pairing kept dropping signal, which was frustrating, but uninstalling and reinstalling seemed to fix the issue.  After getting the pairing issues sorted out, I made a few calls and used the iPod on my phone and was quickly impressed with the clarity both from the iPod and from the phone conversation.  Philpug used the second Sena to...
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Sena SPH10G


Pros: Well designed, good ergnomics, best solution I have found for skiing communications

Cons: occasional phone pairing issues w/Andriod if phone has automatic lock (enterprise email)

Here's my review of the Sena SPH10G (Giro version) bluetooth headsets (2 units purchased directly from Sena) which I got late January and have been testing ~4 weekends skiing crystal mt in varying weather conditions including some low-temp days in the teens, plus some rainy wet days.   Repost of review linked to the Bluetooth Shootout thread.   Bottom line: B+ rating which would be A if the occasional lost pairing issue was resolved, and button placement re-arranged to address ergonomics using gloves.   Configuration: Got the Giro version which fit my G9 and wife's G10 helmets perfectly.  Simply pull out the old flaps and insert the...
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Just works..and well at that


Pros: Great controls

Cons: Frankenstein knobs

Overview: I had a chance to spend a couple of days with the Sena SPH10s snow specific bluetooth headphones. The SPH10s system comes complete with helmet ear pads and fits very will and comfortable,it is designed to work with Giro, Red and Smith helmets.    Use: The installation, pairing and charging is very easy and simple. I do like the ease and size of the buttons. I have used a few bluetooth headsets and the SPH is by far the easiest and most intuitive to use with and without gloves. The SPH10s can also be set up wired along with Bluetooth.    Performance: I haven't tried the unit with any other devices other than my iPhone 4 but they say it work with...
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