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Selwyn Snowfields Reviews


Great for kids.


Pros: Friendly resort, excellent service.

Cons: Limited terrain, sometimes lacks snow.

Mount Selwyn is very enjoyable for families and beginners.  Even very young children can learn a lot about the snow. Other Australian resorts could take lessons from their friendly staff and facilities for visitors. You don't feel that you are only there to make money for the operators.  As others have mentioned, downhill runs for intermediates and better are very limited, especially in a poor season. Take the kids, relax and enjoy.

For teaching newcomers


Pros: Gentle slopes, less expensive, great for nordic skiing

Cons: Only two runs for upper intermediates

Mt Selwyn is great to introduce newcomers to the snow.  Many of the slopes have run outs which run up the opposite slope, great for out of control learners.  The topography is spread out with areas well separated but not difficult to move between.  The rolling terrain is ideal for cross country skiing.  They  do not get as much precipitation as higher resorts.  The tickets are the cheapest.

Zero snow


Pros: good for kids

Cons: very limited terrain

Selwyn is a resort aimed at 'snow play'. Any decent intermeadiate or better would be bored very quickly.  It is rare to have anything like good snow.