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Scott Pro Taper Pole

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Scott Pro Taper Pole

Scott gave the Pro Taper Pole a lightweight, composite shaft for ideal swingweight and a dual density grip for ultimate comfort. The carbon fiber and fiberglass shaft won t snap when you wreck, and Scott s diamond shaped Ice Tip provides grip that won t quite on ice and hardpack.

Recommended UseSkiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Shaft MaterialCarbon fiber, fiberglass
Grip MaterialThermoplastic rubber
Tip MaterialSteel
Replaceable BasketsYes
Baskets1 Pair
Breakaway Straps
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Silver, Size: 50 in210932-0012081886687383816
Color: Silver, Size: 44 in210932-0012077886687383786
Color: Silver, Size: 46 in210932-0012078
Color: Silver, Size: 52 in210932-0012082886687383823
Color: Silver, Size: 48 in210932-0012079886687383809