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Scarpa Maestrale Boot Reviews


Tour like a Dream


Pros: Tour Great, stout enough for limited resort use

Cons: They are atouring boot.

Don't have much to compare this with besides my Gramont Adrenalins and DH boots. Touring in these is the first time I haven't had blisters on my heels on a tour ever. They tour great. Superb range of motion on the cuff. The other features seem to make sense on a boot of this type. The liners are perfect. Weigh 6lbs, super light.   Ski really well for a boot this light. They feel stiffer and ski better than the adrenalins actually. More than enough for resort use on a powder / soft snow day. Not really a boot to go out and rail groomers. This is really exactly what I was looking for in a boot.   I was looking for a good skiing, very light, very tourable boot. And this...
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