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Sandia Peak Reviews


Simple convenience for Albuquerque skiers


Pros: 30 min drive from the city, decent prices.

Cons: Somewhat lacking in terrain variety

As an Albuquerque resident, there are no shortages of ski resorts within a day/overnight drive; but sometimes, you just want to wake up, throw your gear on, and be right there.  This is the advantage of Sandia Peak; the slopes can be reached in around a half hour, with a drive that virtually any car can make. The area itself is actually fairly scenic, though it won't blow you away either. Facilities: Sandia has everything that a day skier would need - a small ski shop, a full service rental shop, full service ski school, and an ok indoor/outdoor cafeteria and grill.  - The rental shop is full service, and has all the gear a skier or snowboarder would need for the day.  Most of the gear is...
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