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Salomon X3 120 CS Ski Boots 2012 - 28.5

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Fit,fit,fit

Cons: yet to ski them

How can I review a boot without skiing it? I've had a lot of boots on my feet the last few seasons so I've made up my own mind about what feels right and what doesn't.  This one feels near perfect with the stock liner and foot bed. I may put my Zip fit world cup liner in it at some point but for the time being I'll ski this boot almost bone stock, I did install the Booster straps. The boot itself is well made with all the usual tweaks and adjustments and the liner seems to be on par with others but the combination of my foot in the boot with the stock liner is what really sold me. The stance of the boot feels good,compared to some of the other "racing last" boots I've been in, the forward leans feels about right,and I've heard reviews say it's biased to put a lot of power on the inside edge. I'll have to get back to you on that.  It's a well made boot that has already been obsoleted by 2013's models with even more of the CS fit stuff.


Thought I'd update these since I got a chance to ski in them. I believe the ABB bootfitters site nailed it with  their review,  a little tweak (boot cuff canting) to the correct the overly powerful inside edge and these were good to go.  One note I used the stock liner and footbed ,that stock footbed is too slick plan on replacing it with something better and although I'm in the middle of the ladder on the lower two buckles water found it's way inside...my left boot,maybe a little duct tape under the dam will cure it.   Other than the water these were a match made in heaven for my feet and skiing style. I did put the booster straps on and I love the forward flex.

Salomon X3 120 CS Ski Boots 2012 - 28.5

Those of you looking for a boot that loads ridiculous amounts of power on the inside edge, superior edge to edge control and dominates all mountain, all snow conditions, the Salomon X3 120 CS Ski Boots are the boot for you. With it's 98 mm last, it is ideal for guys with a slimmer foot and ankle, but if extra room is needed the custom shell is expandable making for an all around awesome boot for hard charging riders looking for a quick and powerful reaction to movements.

FeatureUser Last - 98-104 mm Backbone Custom Shell World cup advanced shell My Custom Fit Race Sensitive liner PU ether lower shell and PU cuff Double dismantable canting 4 micro titanium buckles
TitleSalomon X3 120 CS Ski Boots 2012 - 28.5
UPCList - UPCListElement080694309047
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Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
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Thermo-moldable Liner
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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Ski Boots › Men's Alpine Ski Boots › Salomon X3 120 CS Ski Boots 2012 - 28.5